Saturday, February 11, 2012

social media diet...

As I get ready to invest money into yarn, camera and a good blender, I take a serious look at my other investments as well and realize I need to unplug from fb for a while, at least a few weeks until I get my self professionally propped as I want to be. Dig me ? I, like many others, spend too much time on said social network, looking ,commenting, statusing and posting and it is more time consuming than I'd like to admit  AND it takes away from my valuable crafting time...I'll be spending more time here with my blog and working HARD to bring my vision of Goddess, family and business to light. In due time I'll return to my favorite social networking site with a few great accomplishments under my belt. This is my 2nd  FB diet...My 1st was successful and I anticipate much personal growth during this current absence as well.
Moving forward ~I am in the market for a new camera so bear with me , I know blogs with no pics are less than fun ! I will change that.

Thank you for your continued patience and love
 ps. the blender I'm investing in is for making up some green smoothies....I'm changing how I eat and am open to suggestions for green smoothies !

Be ever beautiful

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My reality getting closer to my dreams....

Peace family.
Many things have happened , many things have changed . I have evolved and I am liking where I am at the moment. I feel free from most stresses and happy to be with family and home full time. I am no longer seeking to earn a place in the make-up industry. I think that was just me transitioning into an artist and feeling comfortable with calling myself that...I do love the art of pretty face making , but I am not as passionate as I thought i was .
I really don't like all the ingredients in most cosmetics and that has always been an issue for me , especially as I don't eat animals I don't want to wear animal grease on my face. I do still apply my liner and lipgloss but I am not one of those ladies who can't go get gas without
my " face " on....that's crazy.

What I am doing is creating my brand . Learning the ins and outs of Etsy and online retail and KMAO , knitting my ass off...Real simple. Once i put my heart and soul into my craft the ideas pour and pour and I am wondering if God could grant me six more arms...but then i'd be a spider , huh ...

Still I'm content and high from getting a few bow orders already. I got my first paypal payment and I'm like
" Dat's wats up ! " So Encouraged and inspired I move these fingers and create things....

Be blessed and be inspired !

one love

Friday, January 13, 2012

Have a blessed New Year ! 20!2 !!!

Hi All !
Happy 2012 to you and yours ! I pray your year is off to a great start ! I'm always happy to get a clean slate and look forward to realigning my self with my ambitions and goals every New Year. 2012 is going to be awesome and I look forward to my personal and artistic growth. Cheers to all who has survived 2011 ! Let's us move on to bigger and better now !
I am changing my blog around again. I am changing a lot around in my life so naturally the blog changes too.
I have moved and am still hard at work on my personal , family and career goals. A lot of things that were important only a year ago aren't so important now. I have started crafting more and doing make-up less. Now please don't get me wrong, I still love the art of make-up and my kit is still chock full of goodies but I've slowly transitioned. I am in a different place and my passions have shifted and some re-emerged. I'm just flowing with it. I am considering doing Bridal Make-up as a side gig, but we'll see what happens.
She Does Make is my story of creating something out of nothing and re birthing myself ...

I will still do the occasional blog inner-view but not just on make-up artists. I have grown fond of a few creative folks online and will certainly showcase them on my blog as well. Stay tuned. I am working on adding a place on this blog where you can see items I have available for trade/ barter. I have become quite interested in trading and bartering with other crafty, creative folks so this is where I will show case what I have to barter. .
In the spring I look forward to the birth of my Etsy shop. I'm preparing for that and learning the ins and outs of Etsy while researching other markets to sell my line of  knit and hand crafted goodies. I'll keep you posted.

My blog goal is to actually blog !!! So plan to see more of me in 2012 !
Have a great week end !
Happy twenty-twelve !

let's get it !

Friday, November 18, 2011

the Acrylic Sweater Poem...FOUND IT ! Share

I fell in love with this when I heard it on the radio many moons ago...I was boy crazed then...It was the early, early 90's..Or was it the late 80's? ....Hmmm?
I remember hearing it on a the radio a few times and wondering why I loved it so much ....Little did I know that I'd grow up to be an avid knitter who knits with all fibers, including acrylic....Isnt it ironic? I thought about the song from time to time..That catchy little tune and the quirky message ....But of course I had no Google, no YouTube, no internet back then to search for it ....

Today I do ...

...So I'm sharing ...Please enjoy this vid and the cutesy -sing -songy poem...
It's too cute , I had to share ....
From one boy crazed knitter to the love ...
oh, and I don't think acrylic yarn is ALL that bad yah know!
 I buy it , I use it , I wear it  !!!! It's great for yarn bombing, baby clothes and other crafting fancies...I'M NO YARN SNOB (though I LOVE quality wool and natural fibers best) !!!

peace and love...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rebirth ....

Yesterday was 11-11-11 ...
While that means nothing to many , I do think it was a significant date ...(and my dad's b-day too)
I was blessed with a positive and powerful energy that has created a new sense of self  within...Really , things just happened , words just flowed, good vibes manifested and blessings realized...I give thanx....I will continue to approach life this way , beautifully...
I , for the first time in a very very very long time I feel peaceful , less anxious and more creative.....I grab hold of the steering wheel and venture off into the future FEARLESSLY!!!!!!!!!!!
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 ...I'm ALIVE ! The universe is embracing me as I am becoming more accepting and thinking outside the dusty old box I once stuffed my self into... Trying new things, dismissing old things, speaking new words and taking the initiative to be more responsive and less reactive...
Superstition , nah not exactly ...Spiritual alignment is a better way to classify this massive movement within me ...My soul giggles joy-fully!
11-11-11 ....For me , the essence of the #11 is the #1 ....ONE. SELF. It is so unselfish to give my self the permission to experience this journey with smiles and laughter ( even while crying)
I AM AT PEACE with all my broken pieces...No more shooting in the dark... I AM aiming to reach my greatest potential , my higher heights, becoming, blossoming into a THAT woman ...Quality woman....
No , not perfect but better.stronger.wiser than the girl I was yesterday...Can you dig  it?

The family and I spent time together praying , expressing and accessing our feelings at exactly 11:11 pm...12 candles lit up my modest kitchen as my family shared a beautiful moment together...( the 12th one for the approaching year 2012) It was nice and my 2 year old dawta even shared a song...."you are my sunshine, you make me happy when skies are gray......." . Talk about warming a mother's heart....It was great family time. ...the kind of moment that makes for lasting memories.... I know my hubby and kids were glad to be together , it's been a real challenging year for us ...But united we stand....What a great kick off to our holiday festivities.....
Today , I wish the best for you and your family..I wish that you re-align with your goals and wildest dreams and manifest the goodness in life you do deserve...Peace and love ....Soon it will be 12-12-12 ....So hold fast to today and don't allow your dreams to fade away....You and I both know how fast time is flying ...It's the little (BIG) things that slow things down a bit and allow us to breathe and just BE.
aaaaaaaaaaah , I feeeeeel gooooood ( In my James Brown voice) So good, so good , so goood...

Be brave....and DREAM wildly...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

a new season ...

Okay so , I disappeared and made a few life changes while gone.... I'm still getting comfortable with my new life and there is not always opportunity to blog about it as once before ...sigh ...

So, due to my life changes there are now blog changes to undergo ...
I am still homeschooling my teens and pursuing makeup artistry as a career. I have also started a Mary Kay business in addition to my freelance and I am back to crafting/knitting like crazy .... I have a couple more "M.U.A of the moment" articles to publish here on blogger and I will get back into the swing of blogging regularly once I have consistent Internet access ...

I am no longer using this blog for just "make-up" updates however...She does Make-up will be about much more ...I will be discussing topics from the  make-up in my kit, to the food and crafting that I "make-up" as well... I hope you enjoy the new direction this blog will take as much as I enjoy sharing ...

Please check back soon to see all the crafts I have been working on as I prepare for my next photo shoot...

 As always,
 be well . be beautiful. be You !

peace and love

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Valarie MUA Patterson, the M.U.A of the moment !!!

Let’s meet a Make-up Maverick….

She entered the beauty scene as a teenager working in a local salon in Brooklyn while still in high school.
Step by step, client by client Valerie Patterson walked in her God given authority all the way to the top, finally becoming one of Atlanta’s sought after M.U.A.

As the owner of her own beauty salon, GLAM Makeup -n- Hair Studios, and her long list of celebrity clients Valerie Patterson has set her self apart from your average make-up artist. She is serious about her faith in God, supportive of her family and is 'bout her business! She makes "making it " look so easy that I had to catch up with her to find out the secrets to her success!

How did your love for make-up start ?
"I worked in a salon in Brooklyn, doing hair after school. I never took make-up seriously . I took it for a joke. I did not know you could make money from it."

After moving to Atlanta Valerie worked under the watchful eye of her pastor’s wife who is also a celebrity make-up artist. Patterson's intense internship gave her hands-on training in the make-up field. This vital training shaped her as a professional, boosted her confidence and prepared her to go after her dreams!
" My four year internship was the hardest years of my life but I learned and it was a great experience."

"I realized I was just playing and having fun. I got serious."

What is the secret to being a successful mommy and M.U.A?
"I am blessed to be able to do what I am passionate about. I have a wonderful husband who is my backbone and  a great support system," admits the busy full time mother who has recently enlisted a nanny to help out with her daughters.
" I can't be there all the time, neither can my busy husband. You want some one who is going to be there to truly care for your kids as you would. It's important."

Please tell us about some of your gigs.
"I love working on movie sets because that brings financial stability. I love fashion shoots because I can get really creative."

Who are some memorable faces that you have made beautiful?
"I have worked with Terry McMillan, Stevie Wonder, T.I., B.O.B, Dallas Jones, Orlando Austin, Chante' Moore to name a few and I recently worked behind the scenes at the Soul Train Music Awards."

Valerie shares that her journey to success wasn't easy.
"This is a business! You gotta be humble and patient. Your dealing with many types of people and personalities. Most times, the bigger the bank account, the bigger the ego. It's not easy. I have had to walk off the set, go to my car, cry it out, suck it up then go back on the set."

Have you had any embarrassing moments, career bloopers or bad experiences that we can learn from?"The air brush machine," she sighs, then laughs.” I was so excited about my machine that I wanted to use it badly. I had a A-list client with very high standards. I wanted to impress her. Well, I didn't know I had the pressure up too high on the machine. Airbrushing makes the face look good, but it can also bring out the flaws and the face can look chalky and show every line. I was not used to it and was just learning. There was no way to camouflage the mess I made on her face; the make up was like paint. I took it all off and started from the beginning. I learned that you have to go with what you know! "

You are doing your thing! Despite the up and downs you have risen to the top and now your one of Atlanta's top make-up artist. Can you offer a few words of advise to those on the come-up ?
"Don’t' look at the now. Look to the future. It's your long term goals that will help you get through this industry."

Well beauty queens, there you have it from the make-up star herself. She has become a success in the beauty industry and continues to help pave the way for others to follow.

If you are in the Atlanta area and seeking fly hair and fly face, or you need M.U.A services for a shoot or event please get at Valerie Patterson.

You can find her at :
GLAM Makeup n Hair Studios in Tucker, GA.  or link her online through Face book .