Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sharing is Karen

I wanted to share a lovely site with you. The colors of the page make me wanna bite my screen and the author is a super sweet, make-up loving blogger named Karen!

She has the greatest tutorials and a slew of beauty articles that is guaranteed to educate and please.

Take a look at Ms. Lovely for your self decide...

Reading : The Accidental Diva

Hey reading is fundamental and I wanna read this book in May. Would you like to be my beautiful reading buddy ? I hear this is a great story of a woman's struggle/ climb to the top of the beauty world...Well that is the gist of  the story and I'd like to know more...
Won't ya click the link (help me get my hustle on) and get your read on at the same time....yea.

peace & love

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mid-Week reminder...

The happy girls are the prettiest girls...
"Happy" is the new bronzer ....
So stroke it on and shine and shimmer, glam gals !

Happy Hump Day !

Bloggin' bout Beauty !

Beauty Blogging is fun, informative, creative, inspirational, social and so so so savvy !!!!!
I am Nasheikah Bennett- Aquart, (Mrs. N.B.A) a certified make-up artist with a love for crafting, a passion for fashion and an appreciation for creative creation. I am painting the world with confidence, encouraging and enhancing beauty in all things, living, giving and letting. I have created this beauty blog to show my work, network, encourage other MUA(make-up artist) and communicate my "going ons" on a consistent basis.

I love to hear from readers and I am honored by followers. If you like what you see, have make-up needs, or looking to network or hire please contact me !!!

Thank you for stopping by , Do come again !!!!

ps: it's morning so as you smear on your glam and prepare for your day, don't forget to smile and sprinkle a coating of CHEER and positive vibes as a finishing touch. Remember , a little goes a long way!