Saturday, May 1, 2010

So, why am I floating on air ?

My neighbor is not only doing a great job as a single mother, she is also working a day job and is a comedienne on the side. She is a riot and a sweetie and I enjoyed every moment of our make-up session today ! Big shout outs to you Meka if you are reading this ! It was so fun to get together ! Can't wait till next time. Hope you brought the house down at your gig tonight!!!

I had a busy day as I imagined! But all the running around was worth it. I got most of the important stuff done and made it to my 6pm make-up call on time! I am offering my services for little or no pay right now as I feel this thing out and I already see the benefits. Alls I know is folks betta catch me now, while I'm still that chic trying to come up !!!! Hell once I make it in the industry, I may be hard to find !!! (that's just me tooting my own horn, you can roll your eyes and laugh with me! ) smiles :)

I had major fun glamming up Meka and felt like I was floating on air once I was packing up to go...Ahhh, that feeling of accomplishment, that feeling of I can do it all , that feeling that you are living your dream !!!! Yea, I had all those feelings this evening...And what was even more cool is although this was a free job, my client forced money into my palms !!! She insisted that she pay me for my work ! Wowzers babe!

Week end plans ?

yea, beautify the world with laughter, love and eye glitter !

How about you ? Do tell ....

what ever you do , do it BIG and with LUV !

don't forget every second counts

peace & luv,

Muah, my beautiful darlings !

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