Sunday, May 30, 2010

Martha & the Vandellas "No More Tearstained Makeup" my Extended version...

I thought this song was cute. A broken hearted girl singing about getting over a boy and her mascara running from crying over him...I'm loving it !!! Please listen if you have ever been broken hearted or your eyeliner ever ran or smudge...You can relate ...

my favorite part of the lyrics:

"Yes I made up my mind ...gonna get my self together....Made up my minds no use crying forever...No more tear stained make-up ...for meeeee!"
Words to live by ! Wipe away those tears, re-paint those pretty little eyes and say " hello" to the beauty and bounty of tomorrow !!!!! No more tear stained make-up ...for meeeee!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy Saturday !

Yet another week has passed and another Saturday awaits me! I’m looking forward to beautifying myself (DIY style) this weekend. I’ll twist the ole afro up into two strand twists and because I really hate to shell out money for things I can do for my self I will sit and allow my feet to soak in some lemon water and scrub with some baking soda and brown sugar. Then I will cut, shape and paint my toenails…They are really in need of some TLC!

I also need to create an everyday summer look so I can spend less time fumbling at my vanity in the mornings and I can know exactly what I’m going to use when I am in a rush & have no time for creativity or experimenting with my make-up application….So this must be done……I am tempted to get more brushes and shadows for my personal collection but I will be patient and wait until the adult in me says “ ok,go ahead” see I can’t always succumb to the irrational wants of my inner girl. Besides the brush set from beauty school works just fine for now…

I was checking out the Avon book-camp. 12. They have some cute colors and nice looks for the summer in there…Enticing , I will be placing an order with my Avon person on the 1st of June…but until then , I’ll work with what I got !

Again, this weekend will be spent clearing out my home and beautifying moi !

So, until we meet again be bold & beautiful

Monday, May 17, 2010

A new day …

Today I was determined to be on point. on top ! I gave my self a little pep talk, last night before bed and reminded my self upon waking…TODAY WILL BE A GOOD DAY !

And it was !

As the morning moved forward I was able to wash and dress and apply my make-up before my baby let out her war-cries…( by the way..I'm loving loving loving my B.E mineral make-up) I was able to get my sons to eat their oatmeal with out any kitchen table drama. The ole ‘hubby surprised me when he told me he took the day off from work.He was available to offer random kisses and hugs….(oh and yes, the Buxom B.E. lip glosses does transfer the menthol tingle during kissing, hubby allowed me to utilize him as my case study!) My eldest ( home-schooler) worked independently upon his rise and gave no protest when it was time for study and chores. ( Amen )

My daughter was well behaved, except upon checkout at the grocery store where she no longer could contain her growing hunger and demanded the strawberries!

I am looking forward to another great day tomorrow. Can’t wait cause I will be getting a fresh cornrow hairdo ! Now if that’s not a start to a great day , then tell me what is !

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday…my thinking day…so i thought about :

I was able to buy a few things on sale this weekend ....just a few..but worth mentioning ..Have you ever heard of Vanicream? It’s suppose to be a very mild soap , recommended by dermatologist for sensitive skin. Having never heard of it and seeing that it was just a dollar and I have been building the courage to try new products I bought it…and depending on the results I may have to go grab the other ones on the sale cart too…I read on Moody Maria's blog that it is a wonderful soap and it seems to work for her goes!
My son has eczema and from time to time it returns, flares and is all around bothersome…..So I am trying to keep the house stocked with mild and natural soaps and moisturizers that get the job done…
(shea butter has disappointed me on this one, believe it or not…) His regimen is usually simple . Just apply the topical ointment from the doctor and then moisturize through out the day…That works some times, especially now that he is older and more conscious of his body. But I am still searching for an answer to annoying eczema ….Holla is you have some secrets for me please!!

I also could not leave a Physicians Formula’s Organic Wear Bronzer blusher.
It is a 2-in-1! Just the packaging alone is worth more that that. I has a cute compact with brush… …It boast of giving you radiant sun-kissed skin. Now again this was on the sale cart and only 2$ at that ! This usually retails for 10 or more. So I jumped at it…I was skeptical and still am though. Is there dark bronzer and light bronzer for different skin tones? Or will one work? Cause the shimmer looks a little light . Or am I just not working it right ? IDK …But I am going to give it another try. I got my mom one, she is a lot lighter than me and will have no questions. Besides I think it’s time she throws out her old Mary Kay bronzing beads. They have to be at least 4 years old mommy !!!!!!! I have always beautified my mom and she usually goes with the flow…So bronze away mother dearest!

I am still unsure however..That is until I saw this post by budget fashionista. Now this is a woman of color who had positive results with this product. So I am feeling compelled to try again…I will have to send her a email to see if she is still using and get more feedback…

If you are interested in these two products head on over to your nearest Walgreen's sale cart..You might get lucky !

Hope your Sunday is scentsational with good food, fam and friends…

Enjoy the day !

Thursday, May 13, 2010

B.E. positive ...B.E. beautiful ....Just B.E.

Hiya Beautiful!
Hope the past few days have been lovely in your neighborhood, house and your relationships.
I have been dealing with a lot of ugly, painful personal stuff lately and I am humbly reminded of my own weaknesses and strengths.This is the season for cleaning out junk...inner /outer personal JUNK!!! BE GONE!!!!

I am dealing with it all though and loving my self even more for continuing to STAND!!!!

So if there is some thing ugly that has been hounding you take a moment and think about one GOOD in your life …and then grow your thoughts with that one mental positive seed. Yea? Let’s try!

So as I type I have “racquel” my lovely new nude-looking gloss from Bare Escentuals conditioning my lips. I love the tingling sensation it offers and if my hubby was here with me, I could let you know if you can transfer the tingles with a kiss…He might enjoy a little conditioning too, for the sake of research!!! But I do love the gloss and am falling more and more for the skin care items too. Now the mineral make-up is growing on me. This is not the first attempt with this brand. I got a starter kit over a year ago, but felt guilty buying it and returned it to the store for full credit… I have done this with make-up before. Buy it, then return because I feel guilty about spending $$$ on myself…I’m so glad I grew past that stage!!!!!!!!!!! Now If I need it I get it…This sista works hard for her pennies so I must treat my self. and with the best too! So on Mother’s Day I got me the golden dark and my mom got tan…

We about to be two mineralized beauties!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you ever tried BE (Bare Escentuals) ? Love or Hate?

Last but surely not least ,I am so excited because tomorrow I am doing my co-worker's daughters face for her high school ring dance...It will be fun and great exposure for my work too ...So far I have not charged any one for getting their make-up done. That will change shortly, but for now I am enjoying the process of learning more of this craft, creating beauty and  and living life as I like it !

Enjoi the journey & good night !

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So fresh so clean so vintage...So me...So mine...

 I will forever shop at thrift stores and be a bargain hunter. It's fun , economical and you never have to worry about wearing what the next girl has on...
I was introduced to GOODWILL in the early 90's when I a weeeee girl and I HATED that my mom shopped there for bargains. I kept it a secret, because that was just not cool or flyyy back then..Although mom was always able to find some great , sometimes new stuff, I was still very shamed.
Now though, you can't keep me out of a vintage shop or GOODWILL.I am always looking to re-use clothing, old jewelry and great bags...I guess mom did know what she was talking about! Fast forward a bit and now I'm grown...To hell with what the other kids say now!!!  It is great to see that my 14 year old is also an old soul. He loves vintage everything..He likes the GOODWILL and just scored a fresh Puma spring jacket for under 10$...He's not from our time, this kid.....He likes Fresh Prince of Bel Air for example...  and I am ordering us the whole 6 seasons of The Wonder Years. I am excited about sharing that with him.
The Wonder Years were a favorite of mine. I loved Winnie ! She was such a girly-girl /style icon....loved her natural, girl next door style...and those perfect bangs were da cutest !!!

Any ways the point is I consider clothing costumes and I'm always hunting for unique pieces... I have my days when I really do it up and those days when I'm just a bum-chic and I'm fine both ways!!!
Fashion bipolar, huh   ???

Although lately I have made a point to have less bum-chic days and I see the positive effects. Even the mail man noticed the new looks and ask me where I'm going?!!! So there you have it people... And it feels good too.

Now in regards to my skin care, I have been using St. Yves cleanser and moisturizer and let me tell you these are great products. They are affordable and feel very lightweight when I use. I don't really see a reason to pay 20, 30 , 40 bucks for cleanser when I can get good results for a fraction of the price...Feel me?
With the cleanser a little goes a long way and it has a nice fresh scent. I purchased it at CVS and must I am happy with the results so far. It even has a little salicylic acid in there for the pimple prone. The moisturizer was not in the local stores so I found it on Amazon and had to try it. I like using the same line when it comes to skin care.

Likes:     :)
it is frugal friendly
it fights acne/ break outs
the packaging is unisex . so guys can use and won't feel too "soft"

Dislikes:   :(
The moisturizer needs to be in a more hygienic bottle . It is in a tub and you have to scoop it out. Not every one will use a spatula or scoop to get it out .
not hygiene friendly

Other than that I truly enjoy this inexpensive skin care duo and I'm encouraging my family to use it too..It gets the job done... Go ahead and try it ...You just might like it too!

Bring home Uhura's Galatic Beauty

                       When I think classic black beauty I think of Star Trek's Nichelle Nichols who portrayed 
Nyota Uhura.

Uhura was part of the original Star Trek series.And was on the first major black characters on an American television series.In the 1968 episode "Plato's Stepchildren," Uhura is involved in one of the first interracial kiss ever viewed on United States television. 

ok now : Lets look at her face. What we see is a dewy ,clear and healthy looking complexion and the very light application of neutral color to the eyes along side contoured cheeks .

This soft, vintage look can still be worn today and is a winner among women of all nationalities. The look is very 60's. Hence we have the matte, nude lip, the exaggerated eyeliner on the top lid with an extended wing and of course a set of false lashes. I am really feeling this natural look and will attempt it soon.

What looks are you working on ???

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tell your beautiful mother I say , she's the best !!!!!

Yesterday was a great day ! The speech went well and all the ladies came up and thanked me , some hugged me..It was great because we had a drawing for a beauty session with me and a lovely mom of 3 won ! I can't wait to pamper her. She seemed genuinely happy~ saying she never wins anything!!!! This is a great opportunity to make some one's day !!! awesome awesome awesome !!!!

Also yesterday I painted 3 faces: mines, moms and my sister-in-law....great practice and more confirmation that I'm doing what I love !!!! Every one was pleased with their looks and I'm getting better at blending and overall application....I also love teaching as I work on soemones' face...It's always so interesting learning what people DO NOT know about skin care and make-up ..Most are clueless !!!!And I love to help in this area...It's a specialty !I'm the make-up go to girl ! Go Girl!!!

Mommy Dearest !!!
Today I plan on taking mom to get our first Bare Escentuals kit for Mother's Day...Should be fun stuff ! Then back home to cook, and care for my kiddies !!!!

Have a lovely day !!!

found a great site with a VEGAN make up line....Pure Fiyah !!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Beauty is in the Belly ...

Tomorrow I'll be talking at a mother and daughter tea event..I super excited that I was chosen. I feel honored to stand before my sisters and speak. I am nervous too , but I really want to prove to my self that I can do ANYTHING I focus on.... So wish me luck !
The topic of my discussion will be "inner beauty" . I feel this topic is important to touch on. It is easy to forget that real beauty comes from inside when one can just hop on over to Sephora and buy a few things that make us sparkle. But genuine, timeless beauty does not come from a bottle ...It is inside each and every one of us !!!! I just want to share that beautiful reminder to all the moms and dawtas in my presence tomorrow...
I will also be entering names of the mom in attendance into a drawing for an hour of beauty with me !!!!

This will be fun ! and I still don't know what to wear or the make-up I'll use ...But It will all come together...
I just need to show up , the beautiful make-up fairies will do the rest ...

So tonight I leave you with a touch of beauty :

The late, great and beautiful Audrey Hepburn read these words by Sam Lavenson often:

'For attractive lips, speak words of kindness.

For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people.

For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry.

For beautiful hair, let a child run his or her fingers through it once a day.

For poise, walk with the knowledge you'll never walk alone.

People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed; Never throw out anybody.

Remember, If you ever need a helping hand, you'll find one at the end of your arm.

As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.'

peace and luv beautiful !

Thursday, May 6, 2010

warning : mushy moment !!!!

you guys rock !!! I love beauty and fashion and crafty bloggers !!!!

You inspire me everyday / all day !

thanx !!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

" read-only"

Am getting a silly "read only" error message when I try to upload pics....( insert LOUD- ASS sigh here)

it shall be done though....

have a nice night ....

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Monday Poem

Tidying house and trying not to listen to that voice that says " throw all this ish out !"
In a donating mood.
realizing I better start working out and fast...the legs are getting jiggly.
realizing that i need to upload pics on my need to know I'm not lying...
realizing I hate pic-less blogs. What if the writer is lying ???
Trying my best not to spend money.damn you Ebay& Etsy !
Having an urge for new cosmetics,
new purse and maybe even
new hair...damn you inspirational beauty bloggers!
Holding fast to my wallet.
I need to stop spending so much...
It's a must
that I turn this lust
into a

....sigh ...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

So, why am I floating on air ?

My neighbor is not only doing a great job as a single mother, she is also working a day job and is a comedienne on the side. She is a riot and a sweetie and I enjoyed every moment of our make-up session today ! Big shout outs to you Meka if you are reading this ! It was so fun to get together ! Can't wait till next time. Hope you brought the house down at your gig tonight!!!

I had a busy day as I imagined! But all the running around was worth it. I got most of the important stuff done and made it to my 6pm make-up call on time! I am offering my services for little or no pay right now as I feel this thing out and I already see the benefits. Alls I know is folks betta catch me now, while I'm still that chic trying to come up !!!! Hell once I make it in the industry, I may be hard to find !!! (that's just me tooting my own horn, you can roll your eyes and laugh with me! ) smiles :)

I had major fun glamming up Meka and felt like I was floating on air once I was packing up to go...Ahhh, that feeling of accomplishment, that feeling of I can do it all , that feeling that you are living your dream !!!! Yea, I had all those feelings this evening...And what was even more cool is although this was a free job, my client forced money into my palms !!! She insisted that she pay me for my work ! Wowzers babe!

Week end plans ?

yea, beautify the world with laughter, love and eye glitter !

How about you ? Do tell ....

what ever you do , do it BIG and with LUV !

don't forget every second counts

peace & luv,

Muah, my beautiful darlings !