Thursday, May 13, 2010

B.E. positive ...B.E. beautiful ....Just B.E.

Hiya Beautiful!
Hope the past few days have been lovely in your neighborhood, house and your relationships.
I have been dealing with a lot of ugly, painful personal stuff lately and I am humbly reminded of my own weaknesses and strengths.This is the season for cleaning out junk...inner /outer personal JUNK!!! BE GONE!!!!

I am dealing with it all though and loving my self even more for continuing to STAND!!!!

So if there is some thing ugly that has been hounding you take a moment and think about one GOOD in your life …and then grow your thoughts with that one mental positive seed. Yea? Let’s try!

So as I type I have “racquel” my lovely new nude-looking gloss from Bare Escentuals conditioning my lips. I love the tingling sensation it offers and if my hubby was here with me, I could let you know if you can transfer the tingles with a kiss…He might enjoy a little conditioning too, for the sake of research!!! But I do love the gloss and am falling more and more for the skin care items too. Now the mineral make-up is growing on me. This is not the first attempt with this brand. I got a starter kit over a year ago, but felt guilty buying it and returned it to the store for full credit… I have done this with make-up before. Buy it, then return because I feel guilty about spending $$$ on myself…I’m so glad I grew past that stage!!!!!!!!!!! Now If I need it I get it…This sista works hard for her pennies so I must treat my self. and with the best too! So on Mother’s Day I got me the golden dark and my mom got tan…

We about to be two mineralized beauties!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you ever tried BE (Bare Escentuals) ? Love or Hate?

Last but surely not least ,I am so excited because tomorrow I am doing my co-worker's daughters face for her high school ring dance...It will be fun and great exposure for my work too ...So far I have not charged any one for getting their make-up done. That will change shortly, but for now I am enjoying the process of learning more of this craft, creating beauty and  and living life as I like it !

Enjoi the journey & good night !


  1. I like your writing style & had to follow. :O)
    I only had a sample of BE from a sephora purchase last year. I gave it to a friend b/c it was too red for me. Also, my skin was tending towards the dry side, so the minerals only exacerbated the appearance of the dryness. I haven't gone back since.

  2. What a nice thing to say 1xellus1! thank you !Some one is READING !!!! lol !!! I have oily skin so so far no complaints from ya girl !
    Yea, thing Is with this stuff , the color has to be right .. can be tricky .. but working for me ..
    Just trying to get this t-zone shine from messing up my look…I guess I need to be heavier inthat area..but that is the only issue so far ..
    My pores seem smaller an dmy skin just looks fresh, soft and well toned…
    have a great day !


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