Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy Saturday !

Yet another week has passed and another Saturday awaits me! I’m looking forward to beautifying myself (DIY style) this weekend. I’ll twist the ole afro up into two strand twists and because I really hate to shell out money for things I can do for my self I will sit and allow my feet to soak in some lemon water and scrub with some baking soda and brown sugar. Then I will cut, shape and paint my toenails…They are really in need of some TLC!

I also need to create an everyday summer look so I can spend less time fumbling at my vanity in the mornings and I can know exactly what I’m going to use when I am in a rush & have no time for creativity or experimenting with my make-up application….So this must be done……I am tempted to get more brushes and shadows for my personal collection but I will be patient and wait until the adult in me says “ ok,go ahead” see I can’t always succumb to the irrational wants of my inner girl. Besides the brush set from beauty school works just fine for now…

I was checking out the Avon book-camp. 12. They have some cute colors and nice looks for the summer in there…Enticing , I will be placing an order with my Avon person on the 1st of June…but until then , I’ll work with what I got !

Again, this weekend will be spent clearing out my home and beautifying moi !

So, until we meet again be bold & beautiful


  1. Thanks girl :) Hope you have a great weekend too!!!


  2. following your blog : )

  3. Love your blog!!! I'm following it now!!!


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