Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Monday Poem

Tidying house and trying not to listen to that voice that says " throw all this ish out !"
In a donating mood.
realizing I better start working out and fast...the legs are getting jiggly.
realizing that i need to upload pics on my blog....you need to know I'm not lying...
realizing I hate pic-less blogs. What if the writer is lying ???
Trying my best not to spend money.damn you Ebay& Etsy !
Having an urge for new cosmetics,
new purse and maybe even
new hair...damn you inspirational beauty bloggers!
Holding fast to my wallet.
I need to stop spending so much...
It's a must
that I turn this lust
into a

....sigh ...

1 comment:

  1. Hey lady!

    I like pictures too, but I am so bad about uploading them on my blog.

    Be careful with throwing/donating stuff away. I donated items and was very happy about it. Fist time in years. BUT, I am looking for spring/summer clothes and um, I can't find matching pants to blazers and stuff of that sort. Makes me wonder...did I accidentally donate a bag I was not suppose to out.


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