Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So fresh so clean so vintage...So me...So mine...

 I will forever shop at thrift stores and be a bargain hunter. It's fun , economical and you never have to worry about wearing what the next girl has on...
I was introduced to GOODWILL in the early 90's when I a weeeee girl and I HATED that my mom shopped there for bargains. I kept it a secret, because that was just not cool or flyyy back then..Although mom was always able to find some great , sometimes new stuff, I was still very shamed.
Now though, you can't keep me out of a vintage shop or GOODWILL.I am always looking to re-use clothing, old jewelry and great bags...I guess mom did know what she was talking about! Fast forward a bit and now I'm grown...To hell with what the other kids say now!!!  It is great to see that my 14 year old is also an old soul. He loves vintage everything..He likes the GOODWILL and just scored a fresh Puma spring jacket for under 10$...He's not from our time, this kid.....He likes Fresh Prince of Bel Air for example...  and I am ordering us the whole 6 seasons of The Wonder Years. I am excited about sharing that with him.
The Wonder Years were a favorite of mine. I loved Winnie ! She was such a girly-girl /style icon....loved her natural, girl next door style...and those perfect bangs were da cutest !!!

Any ways the point is I consider clothing costumes and I'm always hunting for unique pieces... I have my days when I really do it up and those days when I'm just a bum-chic and I'm fine both ways!!!
Fashion bipolar, huh   ???

Although lately I have made a point to have less bum-chic days and I see the positive effects. Even the mail man noticed the new looks and ask me where I'm going?!!! So there you have it people... And it feels good too.

Now in regards to my skin care, I have been using St. Yves cleanser and moisturizer and let me tell you these are great products. They are affordable and feel very lightweight when I use. I don't really see a reason to pay 20, 30 , 40 bucks for cleanser when I can get good results for a fraction of the price...Feel me?
With the cleanser a little goes a long way and it has a nice fresh scent. I purchased it at CVS and must I am happy with the results so far. It even has a little salicylic acid in there for the pimple prone. The moisturizer was not in the local stores so I found it on Amazon and had to try it. I like using the same line when it comes to skin care.

Likes:     :)
it is frugal friendly
it fights acne/ break outs
the packaging is unisex . so guys can use and won't feel too "soft"

Dislikes:   :(
The moisturizer needs to be in a more hygienic bottle . It is in a tub and you have to scoop it out. Not every one will use a spatula or scoop to get it out .
not hygiene friendly

Other than that I truly enjoy this inexpensive skin care duo and I'm encouraging my family to use it too..It gets the job done... Go ahead and try it ...You just might like it too!

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  1. I was just at the goodwill the other day, I will post in a bit on my finds. I've been thinking about getting into a new skin care routine and this St Ives stuff might be the ticket. I too, would prefer to use products from one line and this doesn't look like too much to ask. I hope I can find the moisturizer locally though, Trying to avoid buying on the net right now.

    Thank you for the tips!


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