Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday…my thinking day…so i thought about :

I was able to buy a few things on sale this weekend ....just a few..but worth mentioning ..Have you ever heard of Vanicream? It’s suppose to be a very mild soap , recommended by dermatologist for sensitive skin. Having never heard of it and seeing that it was just a dollar and I have been building the courage to try new products I bought it…and depending on the results I may have to go grab the other ones on the sale cart too…I read on Moody Maria's blog that it is a wonderful soap and it seems to work for her goes!
My son has eczema and from time to time it returns, flares and is all around bothersome…..So I am trying to keep the house stocked with mild and natural soaps and moisturizers that get the job done…
(shea butter has disappointed me on this one, believe it or not…) His regimen is usually simple . Just apply the topical ointment from the doctor and then moisturize through out the day…That works some times, especially now that he is older and more conscious of his body. But I am still searching for an answer to annoying eczema ….Holla is you have some secrets for me please!!

I also could not leave a Physicians Formula’s Organic Wear Bronzer blusher.
It is a 2-in-1! Just the packaging alone is worth more that that. I has a cute compact with brush… …It boast of giving you radiant sun-kissed skin. Now again this was on the sale cart and only 2$ at that ! This usually retails for 10 or more. So I jumped at it…I was skeptical and still am though. Is there dark bronzer and light bronzer for different skin tones? Or will one work? Cause the shimmer looks a little light . Or am I just not working it right ? IDK …But I am going to give it another try. I got my mom one, she is a lot lighter than me and will have no questions. Besides I think it’s time she throws out her old Mary Kay bronzing beads. They have to be at least 4 years old mommy !!!!!!! I have always beautified my mom and she usually goes with the flow…So bronze away mother dearest!

I am still unsure however..That is until I saw this post by budget fashionista. Now this is a woman of color who had positive results with this product. So I am feeling compelled to try again…I will have to send her a email to see if she is still using and get more feedback…

If you are interested in these two products head on over to your nearest Walgreen's sale cart..You might get lucky !

Hope your Sunday is scentsational with good food, fam and friends…

Enjoy the day !


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  2. Thanks for the nice comments! I am a follower now and look forward to your reviews. Jean


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