Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tell your beautiful mother I say , she's the best !!!!!

Yesterday was a great day ! The speech went well and all the ladies came up and thanked me , some hugged me..It was great because we had a drawing for a beauty session with me and a lovely mom of 3 won ! I can't wait to pamper her. She seemed genuinely happy~ saying she never wins anything!!!! This is a great opportunity to make some one's day !!! awesome awesome awesome !!!!

Also yesterday I painted 3 faces: mines, moms and my sister-in-law....great practice and more confirmation that I'm doing what I love !!!! Every one was pleased with their looks and I'm getting better at blending and overall application....I also love teaching as I work on soemones' face...It's always so interesting learning what people DO NOT know about skin care and make-up ..Most are clueless !!!!And I love to help in this area...It's a specialty !I'm the make-up go to girl ! Go Girl!!!

Mommy Dearest !!!
Today I plan on taking mom to get our first Bare Escentuals kit for Mother's Day...Should be fun stuff ! Then back home to cook, and care for my kiddies !!!!

Have a lovely day !!!

found a great site with a VEGAN make up line....Pure Fiyah !!!!

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