Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ashunta Sheriff : Celebrity Make-up artist

I am learning of new and great make-up artist of color. This is truly inspirational to me and I am sure those of you who are aspiring to paint faces professionally can always use a dose of  inspiration every now and again. So I will be posting interesting info on these glamma mama and papa MUAs as I'm finding them. I am eager to get to the top but I know we all start some where and every path is different....So I am patient and taking notes ...I love seeing the work of other MUA and hearing their back story. I think it is all very interesting ..I hope you do to....

Ashunta Sheriff  is a sought after makeup artist with an A-list clientele. Sherriff is the brains behind the beauty of Alicia Keys, Rosario Dawson and P. Diddy to name a few notable faces. She worked her way From the MAC counter to fashion shows and has worked on several advertising campaigns and the silver screen. She can be found at


  1. very nice blog
    really like ur background will keep reading :)

  2. Love Ashunta's work! All the best wishes to you! :)


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