Wednesday, June 16, 2010

killing with kindness at the zoo...

I went to the zoo with my daughter and she loved the excitement with all the kids, animals and activities. She slept for hours after her playful and exciting day with the animals and fifth graders. What was most interesting though, were not the animals but a very crabby check out girl at the merry go round candy booth. She looked so annoyed to be there and once she opened her mouth and rolled her eyes I knew she was less than happy to be amongst the hundreds of noisy elementary school kids. It did seem like every body school picked the same day to visit the zoo…Poor girl…

Now I noticed and ignored her annoyance…I am aware my daughter is watching and besides I’m usually nice unless forced to be otherwise…So I thanked her for her help and commented on how lovely her make-up was applied…She almost fell backward ! She was not expecting that. Her face lit up and her voice changed instantly…All of a sudden I was “honey” and she ran and grabbed two plastic toys for my daughter to

take home “cause her mommy is just so sweet” ( her words) …I was just being honest, despite her ugly attitude she looked like a doll with smoothie vanilla skin, just the right amount of pink on the cheeks and exaggerated eyes very Twiggy-esque. She seemed so vintage, fresh and pin-up pretty. I had to say something…I couldn’t be blind to it and I call it when I see it …She was happy and truly felt better after I complimented her…So much better that every time I had to tried to pay for something, she waved my hand away and smiled. Every time. It was a total hook-up because the zoo is expensive and prices did go up this year….so I was surprised and grateful ….but bigger than that though, she felt better and behaved better too…Nothing wrong with that!

Lesson learned: Say a nice word or two and try to be your best self even when the person in front of you is clearly displaying their worst self!

(I can’t guarantee you’ll get a hook-up, I do know that you and the offender will feel much better.)

Peace and luv….

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  1. Very positive. You are so right about kind words @ the right time. Thanks so much for sharing


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