Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer is officially here !!!! Make-up please don't run from me,please !!!!

Hey pretty pretty !

The sun is HOT and heating up my face !!!!! What ta do what ta do???

I mean I am loving my BE make-up but it’s HOOOOOOOOT and I’m sweating and I hate that!

So of course I’m trying to find a great product that will keep my make-up on and my shine off !!!! (insert loud “UGH” here !!!)

So far I have been tempted by benefit’s Dr. Feel Good ..

Has any body tried this stuff. It’s sounds like the answer and for 28. plus shipping it betta be !!! Is there any thing similar that cost less? I’m trying to find it and would love your help.If not , Dr. Feel Good and I will have to make an appointment to remedy my condition…

okay , let me work this out ....

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  1. Thanks for showing love and much love right back at u!


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