Friday, July 23, 2010

Exfoliation is a must ....

The average human produce new skin cells every 4 weeks. At the end of that cycle the old cells are shed and if not removed thoroughly leads to break outs, acne, infection and overall lack luster skin. You can assit by removing the debris, grime and old cells and maintain cleaner, clearer skin by exfoliating. Exfoliation is the removal of the outer layer to reveal the newer skin beneath. It speeds up the 30 day skin shedding process/ renewal process and aides in blood circulation. This is a great step to add to your beauty regimen after the skin has been cleansed. Exfoliation is not limited to the facial area only as the entire body is covered in skin that could use a little buffing from time to time. The elbows, knees and heels are great areas that are often neglected and could benefit from this ancient softening ritual. It is noted that ancient Egyptians used this method in daily beautification regimen.

There are two popular ways to achieve exfoliation.
The most used is with an abrasive agent that create a scrubbing effect to break up old skin cells, encourage blood flow and reveal a pinker, brighter , smoother skin. Depending on what ingredients are in your product you may opt to do this 1-3 times per week.
The second method of exfoliating is with chemicals. This is usually based in some acidic solution such as salicylic acid, fruit enzymes and citric acids.
Many chemical exfoliators contain alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) or beta hydroxy acids (BHAs). This method is generally less abrasive and recommended for those with acne problems.

There are many products on the market that do the trick ….I will be reviewing a few that I have tried as the weeks go on…I must tell you though that my favorites come straight from my kitchen. And before I spend loads of money on a beauty product I’m going to seek an D.I.Y. alternative …

I am very comfortable dishing 6$ for a tub of St.Yves Apricot scrub. I have been using it since I was introduced to acne blackheads in the early 90’s and have been faithful ever since…This is my favorite of all on the market. I remember getting compliments after using it and feeling oh so pretty back in the day…lolololololol!

Now the Eco-friendly, D.I.Y chick in me must tell you that the best exfoliators are in your cupboards as you may already know…

I have recently been using lemon and sugar to do the trick . This is by far the tastiest exfoliation process I ever had…I couldn't help but licking my lips the entire time. It literally tasted like the best lemonade I ever drank…Well to me any ways…Keep in mind that process is messy but effective, fun, tasty and super CHEAP!!!

Try for yourself:

Cut off quarter of the lemon.
Use the exposed side to “sop up” brown sugar
Wet face and gently use the “lemon pad” to buff your face
Add more sugar as needed and gently squeeze lemon to get more juice onto the skin…

Do this for as long as u can stand it …10 minutes is ideal …
Rinse in cool water and moisturize with a dot of olive oil…Enjoy your fresh, clean, naturally scented skin!

Do this as often as you like ...
1-3 times a week is generally enough for smoothie sweet skin !
Enjoi !!!

Simple steps to becoming an iconic beauty !!!!

Some classic looks never go out of style, are great for any age and looks natural.
Here is how you can achieve a simple and classic make-up look... 
cleanse face, moisturize, apply foundation of choice and conceal what you need to conceal, apply neutral tones of shadow, line eyes in black, apply two heavy coats of mascara and smear on nude lips...
tada ....classic yet so very today's woman !

Friday, July 16, 2010

my first photoshoot revealed...

I am pleased to present the results of my first photoshoot for my portfolio. This is me stepping out on faith and just dewing what I love…I know that the more I put the energy out there and do my work the sooner I will be making money at this…For now it's a fun climb to the top !!!!
Feast your eyes on my “IT “girl… For security purposes I will only use my model's initials for now. This is K.B. She is a natural beauty and possesses a very humble spirit. I loved working with her because unlike most models, she does not fully realize her beauty. You have to pull it out of her; she does not throw it in your face. Very modest and sweet. It was a pleasure to paint KB smooth face…Her complexion was near perfect so application of color was easy.

We went for a wild-child /paradise theme and I felt we got the point across.

Hope you enjoyed viewing these !!!
more to come !!!!

Please share your thoughts and comments ( Just remember tact and respect is a MUST )

she does make-up

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Beauty requires bravery

Hi there cutie campers!!!!

How are my beautiful blogger friends? I have not had a photo shoot in 2 weeks so I have no new pics to post today …but I am in prep mode!!! Just touching base and sending my love …

I am hoping to participate in an upcoming fashion show and am very excited .I will know the details on Saturday ….So back to being busy with beauty and loving it!!!!

I also need to get the actual portfolio for my pics…any suggestions? I can’t stuff all these great pics in a TRAPPER KEEPER and be taken seriously now !!!! lol …

So, on a side note is every one keeping cool. And not just your face, but your soul? Are you finding that the weather can not only make your make-up melt but can make your attitude flare or lower your tolerance for crap? Keep cool as a cucumber pretty girl…Try to remember that you have to take care of inside first….Outer beauty can be painted on, enhanced but the insides require just a bit more work. When the heat is blazing we gotta be careful how we handle ourselves…Quench your soul during the heat wave with a little “me time” (preferably some where with an A.C.) drink your water and practice your patience….Sounds easy but this will require work…Stop, breathe, remind your self, sip your water and hold ya pretty head high ….and keep it moving !!!

You are worth it! Keeping cool and calm is great for your complexion…Nothing worse than a pouty, pissed off beauty queen…….it makes you unattractive instantly.

I don’t care what color eye shadow you have on! Being beautiful is BE-ING beautiful…so remember that as sweat beads roll down your neck and you want to slap the “ish” outta the neighbor for parking in front of your drive way ….AGAIN ! keep it calm…….. Woosah wishes !!!!!!

woosah, woosah, woosah !!!!!

Beauty requires bravery …..