Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Beauty requires bravery

Hi there cutie campers!!!!

How are my beautiful blogger friends? I have not had a photo shoot in 2 weeks so I have no new pics to post today …but I am in prep mode!!! Just touching base and sending my love …

I am hoping to participate in an upcoming fashion show and am very excited .I will know the details on Saturday ….So back to being busy with beauty and loving it!!!!

I also need to get the actual portfolio for my pics…any suggestions? I can’t stuff all these great pics in a TRAPPER KEEPER and be taken seriously now !!!! lol …

So, on a side note is every one keeping cool. And not just your face, but your soul? Are you finding that the weather can not only make your make-up melt but can make your attitude flare or lower your tolerance for crap? Keep cool as a cucumber pretty girl…Try to remember that you have to take care of inside first….Outer beauty can be painted on, enhanced but the insides require just a bit more work. When the heat is blazing we gotta be careful how we handle ourselves…Quench your soul during the heat wave with a little “me time” (preferably some where with an A.C.) drink your water and practice your patience….Sounds easy but this will require work…Stop, breathe, remind your self, sip your water and hold ya pretty head high ….and keep it moving !!!

You are worth it! Keeping cool and calm is great for your complexion…Nothing worse than a pouty, pissed off beauty queen…….it makes you unattractive instantly.

I don’t care what color eye shadow you have on! Being beautiful is BE-ING beautiful…so remember that as sweat beads roll down your neck and you want to slap the “ish” outta the neighbor for parking in front of your drive way ….AGAIN ! keep it calm…….. Woosah wishes !!!!!!

woosah, woosah, woosah !!!!!

Beauty requires bravery …..



  1. You are hysterical. Love that last line cause I know many can relate. Thanks for the positivity and reminding me to care of me.

  2. You can compile your photos into an affordable bound coffee table style book. is one place I know. I've heard of Picaboo (I think that's how you spell it) but with an internet search I'm sure there are many. I get my professional prints done through a site called and they are top notch. I would expect their bound photo books to be equal in quality.

  3. ooooh , will look into that too! thanks


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