Friday, July 16, 2010

my first photoshoot revealed...

I am pleased to present the results of my first photoshoot for my portfolio. This is me stepping out on faith and just dewing what I love…I know that the more I put the energy out there and do my work the sooner I will be making money at this…For now it's a fun climb to the top !!!!
Feast your eyes on my “IT “girl… For security purposes I will only use my model's initials for now. This is K.B. She is a natural beauty and possesses a very humble spirit. I loved working with her because unlike most models, she does not fully realize her beauty. You have to pull it out of her; she does not throw it in your face. Very modest and sweet. It was a pleasure to paint KB smooth face…Her complexion was near perfect so application of color was easy.

We went for a wild-child /paradise theme and I felt we got the point across.

Hope you enjoyed viewing these !!!
more to come !!!!

Please share your thoughts and comments ( Just remember tact and respect is a MUST )

she does make-up


  1. Congratulations! Beautiful photos, hair & makeup! Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. 1xellus1 , thank you girl..Im trying ...Im doing ! and I love it ...More growth to come ..thank you for visiting and blessing me with your kind words !!!!

  3. whoa!!!!congrats babe,she looks totally e colours beautiful hair&makeup everythn is just gorgeous!!!!


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