Sunday, September 5, 2010

I was a missing MUA , but only for a moment ...

I’m crushing a few things right now from but what  i LOVE is this:
This is a fall must have !!!!! OWWWCH !!!

                                                  UH-MAH-GOD is alls i can say !

I’m loving this …Have I found the bag of my dreams? This baby looks sweet. Butter sweet. And I don’t care if it doesn’t match a thing I got on! It’s sexy and sweet and screaming my name !!!!! Ok, Okay! Its 50$...the frugal girl in me wants to know where I can find something similar for a fraction of the cost.
Then there is a part of me that is just like “LIVE BITCH!” and buy it! So I’ll let you know what I decide to do….hmmmm…

Lately I've had lashes on my mind...I'm interested in becoming certified for Lashes. What you think? Yes, we go over this in beauty school yes, but a few hours just doesn't seem like enough time to really grasp the correct way to apply and maintain lashes for beauty and health ...There is a one day class in CT offered in November….Yea, little ole CT!! So I'm tempted to invest...
Question is: Is this a necessary step? Makes me more marketable, no? I meet many women of color who wear lashes and forgo make-up entirely…Many can pull this look off with out make-up, of course!!! It’s just a weave on yah eyelids in theory!!! So I say, as long as you have the clear, smooth skin to pull it off with, and you ensure that your lips are soft and smooth and sexy , your gonna look like a classy, modest vixen and you’ll definitely pass in my book….
I’m thinking It’s a service to all my ladies who won’t wear make up but love to wear a mini- weave on their eyelashes…Why pay some one else when they can pay me for lovely lashes??? hmmm, some thing to think about …I mean a little certification and professionalism behind the lash glue can’t hurt right ?…Opinions?

Now, in regards to my makeover a couple weeks ago. It was great and I am late on posting pics
(excuses; excuses) only because I am trying to stay a busy MUA, homeschooling my highschooler has started, I have picked up a few extra hours at work, I’m currently potty training “Mini Me” and I’m slowly building a business sooooo there you have it …So .... Please let me off the crusty hook for now….
I’m not only a MUA ( make-up artist), I’m also a W.I.P ( work in progress) …LOL …real talk …and Cheers to us (you & me kid) when we get to the top !!! OH, AND WE WILL GET THERE !

Now the fun stuff !!!

Shout outs to all my facebook followers and new bloggy beauties that are reading this blog! You guys are super sweet and keep me motivated!

I’m currently contacting MUAs in the beauty game for up close and personal interviews for “She Does Make up” .Contact me if your a MUA making moves, you may be the next feature on my M.U.A Monday series and of course, big MUAHs and shout out to all the MUAs making it happen one eye shadow at a time, I got love for you!!!

Well, I’m looking to have a busy week .You ?

Like you know, moving into a new apartment and all this fall 2010 activity hit me hard,

But yah girl is back and ready to beautify and get my business and my family on the levels it’s got to be on …

So to all the potential models that I have approached who are reading my blog and waiting on a call for a make-up shoot, Have no fear! The phone will soon be ringing in ya ear! Thank you again for being patient.
Stay tune for more exciting news, details on my upcoming give-away and pics from the fashion show …
It was pure FIYAH and now I’m seeking more FIYAH!!!!

Peace and Luv


  1. You are so funny.. just buy the bag already. It's beautiful. Your hair is gorgoeus. Thanks for following my blog. I am now following yours. Can't wait for ur next post. Good luck with the lash certification. I wish u success.

  2. Hmmm don't know about the bag - but knowing you, you already copped it, uh?....

    Yes, I say do take the lash class. It cannot hurt, maybe only your pockets a bit. But there's nothing like being confident and not being caught off guard (know what I mean). It will only enhance the excellent talent you already have. I vote yeh for the class.

  3. thanks girlies and yes the bag is a must ...Tinuke thanks for understanding !!!!


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