Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's fall...I'm changing with the season...

I like to create playful looks on others, but admit I have not found anything that really suits me yet.

I have been playing around with more colors lately though and getting braver as I go…

I do love color and I think black women look great with the rights colors on their lids and lips…I also feel it does not take much to make us look overdone.Since we are already blessed with such beautiful natural hues we must be careful not to look to ashy, fake, shiny ,scary, or trashy, or clownish...That can be a challenge…So although I like to splash on color on models and paint on bright bold looks for the catwalk, I tend to go neutral and light on my self …

But lately , I have been trying to figure out just how bold I will let my self go. It’s Fall ….a great time for change ….

                        Hope you like the Purple Pizzaz! Leave your comments and or suggestions....
What positive changes are you making this season ?
Peace & Love

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  1. Love the Purple Pizzaz!

    You are so right! It's a thin line btwn the classy & the overdone.
    I have found myself gravitating more towards the soft neutral eyes also. I played up my lips for the entire month of Sept. LOL
    Thanks for sharing. :O)


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