Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My first give-away !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I currently have 26 followers on this blog!

It is great that I actually have readers…. or at the very least people who liked my blog enough to follow it at one point. This is a real compliment to me.

So thank you!!!!! First and fore most this blog represents me as a journalist/ writer and enables me to utilize my first love and natural ability to gab!!!! So big thanks to those who read shedoesmakeup!!!!
This blog also allows me a release and a forum for my life long relationship with beauty...
I am extremely grateful for the use of this blog as a networking tool which gives me a chance to connect with other creative minds and MUAs worldwide. I am learning and teaching and it feels great to be a part of the movement...

Well ~I am so excited that I have decided to go ahead and do my first giveaway just in time for fall! Can I get a drum roll???

Here is a sneak peak of what the beautiful winner will get:

This lovely vintage Nordstrom makeup case is patent leather and oh so very chic!

Store all your personal make-up in this or any thing else you want to stash away in style!

Inside this lovely case will be a few girly goodies that i pick for you …A few things to carry you into the fall…Like who doesn’t like new lip gloss and a silky head tie and …..Ooooh I can’t tell you everything!!!! It’s a surprise and a sweet one….

This is open to all my followers .. New followers do count !!!! of course !!!..

The winner will be chosen, announced and sent her sexy mail on 10/15/2010 !!!

So, if you are not currently following me, DO SO! That is all you need to do and you will be added to the drawing!!!!

Hope you win this lovely gift!!!!

PEACE and LOVE to all my fellow beauty bloggers and my faithful followers!!!!

You inspire me!


  1. What a lovely case!!! That is very generous of you Nasheikah!!

  2. Congratulations on your 20some followers. Somex it can be straight crickets here on blogger. LOL
    While it can be gratifying to document & journal, feedback is so essential. I feel ya!
    That case is ca-ute! :O)

  3. What a gorgeous case! Congrats on everything, fab blog! ;) xo

  4. Sheikah this case IS cute!I <3 & support you always sis! Muah to my favorite M.U.A!

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