Thursday, September 30, 2010

A New month ...New Goals...oh such beauty....

Inner beauty:

I’m always working on my inner and outer beauty. Simultaneously… Lol… With the change of season I do a personal assessment of self and go from there…

I am a spiritual person but not religious. I am not the girl you will catch at Sunday service, but you may find me meditating on the park bench in the early a.m with a trail of incense wafting through the air if you know what I mean.
Now, I ain't knocking Sunday service, I just wasn’t raised in the church, though I have a strong passion, faith and love for the higher power …
I believe that we all have a piece GOD within and I never knock another bella’s religious /spiritual views or lack thereof....

Lately I have treated my inner goddess like the big sis I never had…She tells me things mama never told me and holds me like no man can…a true home girl …So I proceed with caution & go with gut !

Here is some advice my inner Goddess gave me that I will hold my self to in October:

*Wake early …. Get dressed from mascara to footwear then procede with the day beautifully…stop falling short on personal self keep…

*Be fierce with out fighting ....silence is a powerful weapon especially when paired with a smile :)

*Be strong but don’t hurt a fly because karma is a bold ass bitch who carries bullets and I want to live!

*Compete with self only …Improve self and banish self doubt ….and even then 'let it do what it do and just be… because natural is also beautiful…though neglect is not! Remember the fine line!

*Confidence is sexy …and can be worn alone…

In regards to my outer beauty:

This fall I will:

Wear glasses again…I love my cat eye frames….screams vintage

Moisturize my hair until it produces super-natural sheen that makes you question my
Wear a sexy cat eye, or try a new makeup look everyday and take vain and fancy pics

Throw on chunky jewelry …

Make some funky jewelry

Buy cowgirl boots and find the perfect pair of lace up booties,

Invest in sexy leggings and more work clothes

Tell hubby I want leather pants and more lacy sleepwear

Thrift. Shop. I plan check out the Goodwill in Stamford, CT for obvious reasons.

Hit the gym …for obvious reasons
okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ??!!

Now for eye candy ~
Here are some inspirational photos that provide you with a little visual of where I'm going with the look:

                                                     this pic is courtesy of mahoganyknots

pics below are courtesy of hairspiration

Now that was dope...
Get the picture?
Lastly here is a little spill I want to share with you~~
I am working on a online thrift-shop …consisting of super-cute , gently used ….recycled….ready to be rocked….re-invented…re-owned…remixed pieces…
Stay tuned for more from lil’ ole me….

Until we meet again be beautiful inside and out!!!

Muah, have a lovely weekend!


  1. Wonderful post. I was delighted to snicker @
    "Wear a sexy cat eye, or try a new makeup look everyday and take vain and fancy pics". Sounds like me, although I can't do a real cat eye w/o much work to save my life! Love the list. :O) You made me smile today! LOL


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