Thursday, October 14, 2010

Back Stage Pass !!!!

I have had the opportunity to work back stage for a few local shows and I will just say , it’s a wonderful way to build skills, network and confirm that you are an artist…You meet some interesting and very talented people and can build new relationships too ! It's great to see the work you did walking down the catwalk, though you are usually backstage ,it's still great to know you helped the show to come alive ....It's a great feeling !!!!

There are a few cons too though ….Like standing for hours, the need for speedy hands, the Diva model who is critical of your work and knows it all ,the occasional self doubt that emerges and perhaps the possibility of standing in the midst of bad breath. (this has been rare, no offense)
But if you can get past that then it’s all good from there …And so far it’s been all good !

However, although I like fashion shows I will not limit my self and I don’t like doing speedy make-up !
So for me, my ideal gigs so far are photo shoots where I can focus on details and have more time to work on my model.
Still, the world of fashion shows has a lot to offer , if that is the route your wanting to travel …But although I love it and would do it again, I WANT MORE....
Here is a few pics of "my models" and my work that i have promised to show…

                           Pieces of Gold : Nu Revealed Sept. 2010

Will post more tomorrow ...blogger is acting up and it's time to get some rest ....More eye candy to come ...stay tune and as always .....
Peace and Love !


  1. absolutely amazing..u r doing a really good job..I love it

  2. Aren't these girls pretty and what striking make-up too;-)


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