Thursday, October 7, 2010

I LOVE.....Lucy

Do you remember I LOVE LUCY?

OMG!!!! How can I forget her especially when I some time feel I channel her and her clumsiness and silliness too!
I mean really, the little things I find my self in are HILARIOUS, EMBARRASSING and some times DEADLY!
Today was no different; I went rushing into the bathroom to do my make up and my daughter naturally trailed behind me ….ok…
She knocked over my Caboodles and my son came running in to save the day…ok….
I continue to apply my new Rimmel shadows on my eyes (not really liking it. The colors won’t pop the way I need them too….hmmm… another story) …..Anyways…..

So I finish shadowing the eyes and go for my liner. Realizing I did not have my pencil liner in my kit, I figured what ever ~ I’ll go with the liquid one and call it a day…
I start to line my eyes and love the way the rich black line looks as I paint my lids. I feel the familiar cool wetness the liquid formula has to it and continue with a steady hand. Slowly the scent of polish wafts to my nose and I try not to blink because I don’t want to ruin the shadows … I just figure my dawta knocked some thing over during her episode with my Caboodles…so I continue to thicken the line until it starts to burn!!! OMG ! I’m like (literally) “WFT”???
To my horror it turned out I was not lining my eyes with liquid liner, IT WAS NAIL POLISH! You know the thin bottles of nail polish with the ultra thin brush for nail art????? Yea, that one… I was easily fooled when I grabbed for it thinking it was my liner…The two bottles, now that I look, are almost identical!!! And if you’re not paying attention and in a hurry this kind of crazy may happen!!! OMG!

The burning would not stop and reminded me of the type of burn you get when you leave the relaxer in your hair too long. OUCH!! On my lids!!!OUCH!
So needless to say, I frantically swiped my lids over and over, because the polish seemed to be drying quickly and hardening on my face…LOL …..

Only two words can sum this up: NOT CUTE!

I cleaned up, assured my nerve-wrecked 11 year old I was safe, not blind and rushed off to work... the other eye lid still remained ½ done…LOL…but I’m grateful my vision is still in tact….Boy oh boy ,what a day!

Thank God there is a tomorrow….For new beginning and restarts …feel me?

Have you ever had a deadly or goofy make-up blunder…please share ~ so I don’t feel so bad!!!


Take care pretty people,

And as always

Be a Beauty inside and out!!!

Peace and Love

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  1. OMG! I love you! Your such a breath of fresh air & so damn funny!!!
    My makeup mishaps always involves my eyes, I have very sensitive eyes... sometime (at whim) my eyes act up when I line my waterline & I have to change my makeup scheme and do a smoky eye w/ heavy under eye liner to mask the mess of a running eye... hate it grrrr
    Have a fabulous weekend beautiful!! xoxo

  2. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only you Lucy!!! Geezus. Too funny. I needed that laugh - for real. Where was the camera to document this when you need one. All jokes aside, I'm extremely happy that your eyes are good though. I'm only laughing a gut out, cause I know you're okay.

  3. Jeffrine, I wasn't thinking CAMERA!!! I was thinking , actually yelling ,
    "MY GOD MY EYES !"


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