Friday, October 22, 2010

Saturday....It's you again !

So it’s the week-end…

And my funds are low and the cold chill is high, I think I’ll keep it indoors for the most part when I am not in the office for the next few days.

My hair needs some attention. I’m thinking of washing, oiling and twisting until I have it flat twisted into a bun next weekend.…I also want to play with make-up and my sons need some mommy pampering……I will visit all the readers that comment on my posts …Yes, I’m stopping by your blog for a quick hello and to peep what ya been up to.

I had my first haul last week-end. And I was happy to get new brushes for my eyes only, my NYX jumbo pencil in milk, Maybelline’s Volume Express mascara and Maybelline’s Expert eye palate in Hushed Tints. I’m hoping that the milk primer helps these hushed hues to pop the way I’m expecting them too. I will share the results…

Hope you all have a nice week-end and please get some beauty rest!

Peace and love and don’t for get to moisturize!


  1. Excellent!
    You have to let me know how you like the stuff you've got.
    Hope your having a great weekend!
    xoxo ;)

  2. I love to just go to the Beauty Stores or Pharmacies and just look around and pick up some goodies! Love this items you got, especially the e.l.f. brushes and Maybelline products. I am going to be doing a Review on their brushes soon. Great Job Girl!

  3. Nice looking make-up stash you have. I'm new to make-up myself and don't know what to get, so tips would be very well taken :D


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