Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sesame Street knows that Black is beauty !!!!

I’m very excited that Sesame Street is repping for us curlie girlies! Check out this video and tell me what you think?

I’m totally feeling it and feel it will definitely be a  good distraction when I attempt my next hair combing session with my dawta!

My dawta has beautiful hair, the kind of hair I WISH I had when I was growing up. Well, she is too young to know what she has, but I know …

After 3 sons, I am excited to have a girl’s hair to do up in cute styles…But she FIGHTS it every time. She is only 22 months but still it is nerve wrecking and it always ends in my bribing her , forcing her, or just leaving her alone (wild and free and knotty)….I hope this is temporary though and she can be trained into liking to do her hair. I have always had hair issues…Coming from a family that REALLY HAD INDIAN in it, I had cousins, aunts and even my mom with long flowing hair…At one point my mom could sit on her hair and wrap her long braid several times around her head…I was not that fortunate … Yea, funny at the time I thought long straight hair was a FORTUNE compared to the macka bush on my head..
I have great hair texture, I now know that. Thick, strong and wavy with hints of my Indian ancestry…but only hints…I struggled through countless perms, (I’ll never forget the burns) then braids and they even once my mom and aunts threatened the Jerri Curl to “ tame” my hair …I felt like an outcast in my family when it came to hair…I’d pray for long , flowing hair like my mom and other family members..…Man that good hair thing is no joke in our community , huh….I finally learned that GOOD hair is CLEAN hair !!! I started to change my attitude about my hair  when I was about 15 and one day I said “to hell with this” and I chopped it all off and within a year I had locks and loved it …This is when Lauren hit the scene and lots of brown sistas walked a little taller and wore their hair just a little nappier…and loved it ..It was like dark skinned was the new light skinned !!!!cocoa sistas reigned supreme !!!!! I was proud and as my locks grew so did my mind…my attitude…and before long I had locks that raced to my waist…and just like that one night, after much contemplation I sat at in front of my mirror while the house was empty and I clipped away each one of my long, regal antennas and stared at my strange new self in the mirror….WOW….…I tearfully thanked God that he answered my prayers. He gave a nappy headed little girl like moi the chance to feel my hair blow in the wind, and fall about my shoulders and my back with out any extension!!!
After they recovered from shock, my sons warmed back up to me and hubby forgave me. I would catch them staring at me from time to time !!!LOL... I promised my kids and hubby I’d one day grow it back, but that I felt that God and I accomplished our mission.…and it was time to rest...

Then I took time and got to know the stranger in the mirror….that was over 5 years ago and today, several hair cuts and styles later I still like that strange chic that peers at me from my mirror…

Shout outs and Big Thank you to Sesame Street!!! Sure wish I had this video when I was a little girl, who had Indian in my blood, but not enough in my hair!!!

Today I know I am enough!!!

Peace and Kinky love


  1. Wow, great post. I know how sometimes the pressure of others can play very heavily on children, who only know what they are told and pick up on negative vibes that they feel.

    You are so spot on with how you view your daughters hair, teaching her to feel good about it is going to matter so much, especially when the outside world is going to be telling her something different. Well done you!

  2. thank you Eve ! Im trying to keep her "hair happy" ,loving her naps , kinks , curls and all !!!


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