Sunday, October 31, 2010

Virtual Voodoo....

I could watch YOUTUBE vids, shop EBAY, and BLOG-hop all day ….LOL....

I’m loving my virtual reality …

I remember when I had no friends. Now I have 3 very close women that I cherish to the max who help me in specific and varied ways to get through these days...
Thank you to my sista circle, you know who you are …We donned the name “NU JACKS”... ‘J.A.C.K.S’ representing our real names and NU because we are modern day NUBIAN queens to the fullest!!!! So those are my home girls. And though we are busy working mothers and hardly see one another, the love is always there ! Yah know the ones you call when he doesn’t, the ones who know your ugly side and still love you, the ones who you share a cup of juice with and sip after or you share your fork with them with no fears of contracting anything.... LOL yea, those chics. We all deserve at least one. Thank you GOD for mine.

I also have many internet acquaintances now. I have knitting/crafty friends, natural hair friends, face book friends, all sorts of blogger friends…It’s freaking terrific!
I can send a message, email, or comment to some one and get instant results or know that very soon I’ll have an answer or a new link…
I love that my virtual reality is by choice. I can turn it off and on with the push of a button and off/on goes the screen. Kinda like my phone…
LOL… (As a matter of fact I need to turn it on right now, in case my family is trying to reach me!)

It’s a new world from when I was a kid and shuffling through the card catalog to find information! Feel me!
I am writing this because it is true! Real Talk !!!

Also because of all the online inspiration out there in cyber space to share I have created a few writing series for this blog:

1st)  M.U.A of the moment -I will be showcasing a make-up artist every few weeks for you to meet, learn from and love

2nd) Video Vixen- I will be profiling a YouTuber that I think is fabulous

3rd) Designer Divine- I will review products, etc. from artisans and small business that I love and support

There is just too much inspiration out there that must be shared and rotated in order to reach the right hands! So here goes!!

I will put on my journalist cap (what I actually went to school for) and share!!!!

After all sharing is caring ….

So stay tuned there is more to come!!!!

peace and luv

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