Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lusting after LUST

Okay so I had a Lucy moment again and learned a lesson in the end …

Wanna read it, here it go:

I walk into Walgreens and peeped some lovely WET and WILD palettes. Hmmm, one caught my eye …It turned out to be “Lust” the current must have from Wet&Wild. I hadn’t’ know about the current rage these colors were causing at the time. I hadn’t seen any reviews or vids on it. I just immediately liked the palette…
(Apparently EVERYBODY does)
I wondered how the color would look. So I was sneaky and opened the package right in the store …I know, tacky... hush!
It turns out I LOVED that sparkly wine color!!!! Uhm ma God!!! I was like okay, I’ll get this, but I want a “new” one… not this one I just opened…(bad girl…I know, I know). I decided that would be wrong and I kept the opened one…besides, I opened it! LOL…

In that same moment I remembered that I needed to pick up some thing for my son and made a quick turn into the next aisle…
Would you believe that the palette FELL out of my hand and dropped on the shiny linoleum…You know palettes don’t like to fall! You know they get all jacked up after that!!!! Ahhh, so I picked it up from the floor, and put it down next to the magazines rack as if I knew nothing. I walked back to the display to get another one.

I looked and looked but that seemed to have been the last one left ….(In the whole Connecticut!) LOL …
There was no more on the shelf! I was bummed and did not buy the cracked up one ….I could not stop thinking of it though…LOL ….LUSTING after the LUST palette ! smh!!!!
Naturally, over the course of the next days I went to all the local Walgreens in my area. And guess what was sold out in all the Walgreens I visited???? OMG, you guessed it. The Lust palette seems to be very popular around these parts. I looked online to possibly purchase through E-bay but had no luck…I figured I’d just forget it…
I ran into Walgreens yesterday for my son and what do you know??? The broken, beat up palette was put back on the shelf (YES THE ONE I DROPPED DAYS AGO!) and waiting to be bought. I thought to my self “Daaaaang Walgreens have you no shame?” …I quickly grabbed it, trying carefully to prevent cracked shadow from falling out even more…I walked to the register and spoke to the manager:

“Uhm, this is broken and there is no more. Can I get a discount on it?” I asked the manager, who gave me a puzzled look
“Yes, I can give it to you for a dollar, but you SURE you really want this thing?” he seemed to scorn me and my beat down  palette!

$1.06 later I became the newest owner of the Wet&Wild Lust palette.
I’m still shaking my head at all the drama…all the lusting….LOL…
I went home packed the broken powder down as well as I could and now it’s good to go!
SMH like a bobble doll !

Q: What would I have done differently?

A: I should have trusted my gut and bought the damn thing and not opened up the store’s goods in the first place.   :(  Next time, if I see a color that I like and it’s in my allotted budget I will not SLEEP it. I will get it and that should prevent another drugstore LUCY moment!


But 1$? Broken or not, you can’t beat that! LOL…

What are you currently lusting?


  1. Girl, you know after reading the first line, I had to continuing reading. Only you!! Cute story, but good lesson learned. You are too much. But can't lie, I open things at the supermarket all the time (like glad airfreshner thingamagigs) and if I like it, I always get the unopened one. That's crazy and really wrong. Don't do it anymore, but I use to -smh. Good to know you can post your character flaws cause we all have them. Thanks for the read!

  2. LOL! Girl you are too much :-D
    That is indeed a very popular palette, I've blogged about it... it's fab!
    Enjoy it! xoxo


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