Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Meet Martine....My M.U.A. of the moment !

The word “POP” never meant anything until I met Martine. This woman is an eyeshadow maven! Her hands are skilled in creating the most delicious looking eycandy and face art!

I was totally impressed when I saw a picture of her work floating around Face Book. I had to friend this artist…I learned that not only does she look fierce and has her make-up game on point but she is a sweet hearted and quite humble lady who just has happens to have a passion for flashing hot colors and vivid makeup looks. Her make –up color choices scream:
“ hey world , STOP, LOOK and LOVE ME!” I do LOVE how she works it !

Martine can cut a crease like a razor. She beats face like a boxer and express her creativity with colors like Queen of Crayola ! I can't get enough! You may have peeped her on YouTube or perhaps know her from other Internet circles, maybe she even did your make up! ( lucky you). She introduced me to MILK from NYX and that changed my outlook on eye color! Thanks again Martine!
So, when she agreed to be my first inner view for my M.U.A of the moment series I couldn't wait to share her with you!

Martine please tell me when you discovered your love for make-up.Were you a diva as a little girl?
I used to do my mom's makeup all the time and I always did makeup for my friend in high school but I was always a tom- boy. I didn't wear heels or a dress until college...

Are you self taught or did you got to school?
I am self taught

Do you think makeup artistry schooling is necessary?
There are a lot of makeup artist out there that have raw talent with no formal training however I would never say its unnecessary. If the opportunity is there i say take it!

What are your favorite looks to do on your self?
I wear bright bold looks almost everyday. I love color.

How often do you purchase makeup?
OMG! I can't answer this. LOL...At least once a week!

Have you ever had a bad makeup day where things were just a tad off?
Of course!

How did you handle it?
Stayed home! LOL...No, but I have my days where the look did not come out the way I wanted it to but I still rock with it.

What is your favorite product right now?
Revlon Colorstay Foundation

What is your favorite brand and why?
There are too many to name. I don't really have a favorite brand...I feel that real makeup artist should be able to work with different mediums, brands, etc. Part of my top 10 is the 120 palette by BH cosmetics. It is a must have and NYX, MAC Glamour doll eyes .

What is your least favorite and why?
There are specific products that may not work well for me as well as others but as far a least favorite brand I don't really have one.

What product would you not be caught dead without?
Liner and lashes

Name three must haves for every girl’s make-up bag.
Lipgloss, mascara, liner

Where can we find you Martine?

So there you have it ....The M.U.A of the moment!
Please stop and say " hello Pretty " and tell her I sent ya !

peace and love

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