Tuesday, November 2, 2010

M.U.A of the moment ...she sets the tone ....literally !!!

The Mua of the Moment !

A good M.U.A can come and go like your favorite lip color. So you gotta scoop 'em up while you can! I love being a part of the online beauty community and I get daily inspiration on everything from hair care , fashion and my favorite, MAKE-UP. I will be featuring make-up artists that I meet (mostly online) and have been inspired by in some way…I hope to increase their online popularity and prestige by posting profiles and contact information and  pics of my fave makeup people !!!!

So check me out and find out who is the MUA of the moment for me !!! SheDoesMakeup promotes not only me , but all my M.U.A family ! SHE DOES MAKEUP ! Repping for the make-up artist near you ! Stay tuned for mo’ MUA power !!!!!!

peace and love

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