Sunday, November 21, 2010

Not down with O.O.P

I'm ever inspired by a wide variety of "things" and persons.... It's pretty random and unexpected when I am tickled by inspiration...I've become used to this aspect of my personality...Tonight was no different. I was inspired by a piece I found by accident...but then there are no such things...right?
I was looking for a free knit snood pattern (scarf + hood) and was disappointed with what was available online. Either the pattern was not my type, way too complicated or just straight up ooogly! This is not unusual when I seek out that perfect knitting pattern...Is there such a thing any way ? a perfect pattern? ...I have a love hate relationship with knitting patterns. They often frustrate me. I'm bound to fudge up somewhere along the line leaving me quite PEEVED, ready to throw my yarn and needles in the driveway, jump in my jeep and run over my work several times until the anger, cursing and dramatic sobbing subsides. T'aint cute, my friend. Fellow yarn crafters know what I'm talking about. I take it personal when I put in time on my knitting and then the bells of doom sound and I realize I've made a mistake in the pattern and must UNDO what was done ... Ugh! It's like the knitting Gods are against me..LOL or they are trying to tell me something...
Soooo the Knitting Gods seem to be whispering to me to ditch the pattern and depend on my own knitting hands, sense and skills to create my next piece....I ain't down wit O.P.P ( other people patterns) and I must accept that fact....Hmmmm, quite interesting how my knitting always seems to relate to life in some way for me.
The release of another person's pattern enables you to see your self. Naked , naive and virginal. Who the heck are you with out that pattern your so used to?
You are forced to do something on your own. Device your own way/plan/purpose/pattern. It's never easy but always the most rewarding route.

Q.What protects you when you step out the comfort zone and rid your self of the "normal" ????????

A.Nothing, No one,  but you. You are confident, capable and strong. You can create your own path and begin the creation of your own, new and positive PATTERNS....Let go of O.P.P ..other people's patterns  ..and let your INspiration guide you .

On that note, Allow me to present to you my latest inspiration and challenge. I was taken by the possibility of remaking this lovely, woolly and warm way...The stitches within the knit are quite easy to emulate and the cable is not as hard at all. I adore it. This is my next piece for my personal collection.....There is no pattern so there will certainly be a variation and I welcome that. I will free hand this and write the pattern as I go. Bear with me, I'll show you my progress and pray you celebrate with me the FREEDOM that comes with letting go of O.P.P/ other peoples patterns and creating one's own. Even in the form of yarn...

I spotted the delish snood on and was definitely attracted to the classic look. The generous amount of scarf ensures full coverage as I battle the Connecticut cold.  I love that it is long and flowy and full of versatile flyyness. I can already feel the wool warming my neck in the December nights as I drive to and from work. I definitely see no reason to pay the $150.00 that was asking for it when I can knit this up my self. I can establish my own pattern based of the pics I see. So for so good .I'm looking forward to designing my pattern, my way...

Is there a stale pattern in your life worth letting go of?
Can you stand the challenge of creating your own pattern on your own terms?

I'm just saying ?
the knitting Gods made me do it ...

peace and love


  1. I always love reading ur posts hun,very interesting"You are capable,confident&strong"! love that determination keep it up

  2. I have one of these!!! My bestfriend made it for me last year for Christmas... It is finally starting to cool off and so I'm about to break this bad boy out!!! =)

  3. That snood is too cute! I've never heard of one before. I'm going to try to get my older sister to make me one for the holidays. Cute post

  4. You play on words is so wonderful.

    When you master this new project of yours, need one for myself. I'm placing my order now, please tell me how much for your 'one of a kind' creations? Thx u much!


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