Monday, November 22, 2010

working willingly with wool...

 Knitty Love...

I taught my co-worker turned friend to knit in 2003. I was new to the yarn scene and needed a comrade. She braved on with me …When I started a local knit group, she supported my efforts and she always drove to our outings with no complaints!!!

To this day, even though she has moved and no longer knits, she sends me gifts in the mail…
RAOK (random acts of kindness)
A few months ago, she sent me some sexy hand-dyed, virgin wool along with lip glosses and dresses for my daughter…I love surprises!
Here is the yarn for my next project …Loving this color!

I’m happily knitting up this wool!!!!

Ms.Villa, if you’re reading this, know that you are appreciated & loved …
Thank you for those knitty nights and the Tacos and Salsa…


  1. hats was very sweet of her to send that to you. I love Good Suprises!! I use to knit back in that day. You make me want to start again!! Love you Fancy!

  2. Max , you should ! let's change the face of knitting ! Young sexy crafters, hmm I'm not maddd at you ! thanks for stopping by Fancy !!!

  3. RAOKs are wonderful. Knitting RAOKs even more so! Enjoy the goodies. That yarn looks lovely!

  4. thats very nice of ur friend hun,love surprises too cant wait to see wot u knit

  5. Cool, wish I could knit, can only crochet!

  6. That is so sweet.

    Btw, LOVE that color (hint, hint)


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