Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Pink Friday ....

I don't wear very much lipstick ...I'm a gloss girl...
However when I heard of 'Pink Friday' by MAC  and Ms. Minaj, I did not hesitate...I tried the second Friday it was available and was sad to see a message on the site saying:
 "Due to overwhelming demand, Pink 4 Friday has sold out. Come back on Friday "
This stuff sold out in minutes ! Go 'head Nicki ...You obviously have madd love out here !!!!
I'm so happy to see another successful brown face sista (and from the islands too) do her thang!
So I supported her and copped my lipstick...I'm super excited about it !
I'm not a name brand junkie at all! But I am faithful and If i like you , I support you... I'm rocking my lipstick proudly !!!!! And I may be back for more MAC lip colors, this stuff ain't so bad....This was a nice introduction to MAC likes !

Here is a quick look at my wearing my 'PinkFriday' ....I just got it in the mail today goes:

To all the brownie sisters out there . I think it's best to apply a brown/chocolate liner first and go easy on the lipstick..It's light~ but it's bright ...Adding a little gloss would be sweet too..

My favorite thing about this lipstick is : It taste and smells great ...and I LOVE PINK !

Get on the site on Friday and cop you this color...This will no longer be available after the 17th ....

Peace and Love..

Thursday, December 2, 2010

I am the proud owner of a sexy set of yarn braids! YES I said YARN!!!!

As most of you know I am an avid knitter and a certified neighborhood hooker! So when I heard of yarn braids I was taken...I needed to learn more... I saw this protective natural hair style a few months ago I knew I had to try least once...

 This was my birthday present to my self …Yup, as of Monday November 30 I’m an older and wiser woman….oh yea, with a set of flyyy Nubian yarn braids!!!! check me out !!!!

 I wondered, could I rock this? Hmmmmm? Confident that after spending time learning about my hair, watching natural videos on You tube and basic trial and error I am a lot smarter about my natural hair…But yarn braids girl? really ? really? really?

yes 4-REALLY !

I figured, Hey I’m already good with yarn crafting so what could the harm really be? I met a few women online who made me feel more comfortable and brave to try this style on my own, with my very own hands! No dipping into the wallet for this ….(smiles)

You see, to get synthetic hair braids done at a salon we are talking $120 and up … Numbers like that can turn you into a D.I.Y ( do -it- yourself) girl real quick !
Now, I have NEVER tried to "install" my own braids in my hair. I’ve always gone and paid the big bucks…. I braved this hairdo all alone… The whole process took many days because this was my first time, I have 4 children and I stopped here and there for eating, sleeping and bathroom breaks.
I started Saturday around 2 a.m. and put the last braids in about Tuesday 2 a.m. LOL. These will have to stay in for about 6 weeks! I love them so much I don’t think that will be a problem.
I will upload a pictorial with step by step pics… for now, this will suffice…
If you are thinking about this style I say “go 'head sister!”

This comes close to having lox without the commitment! It will save me sanity, time and get me out the door quicker …I am already thinking up ways to style my new medium length “hair”…
I may have TOO MUCH fun with this …

My yarn was under 5$ ….My hair moisturizer was 7$....Take out for the family 23$ (because I wasn’t trying to braid and cook too!)
All in all I am very impressed with my self, I love the look and I will do this again!!! I have taken my natural hair care to the next level!!!! I am probably the only girl in my whole city rocking yarn braids right now…probably not for very long! But for now , it feels good to be D.I.Y different and naturally unique !!!!!!

Go me, go me, and go me!!!!