Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Pink Friday ....

I don't wear very much lipstick ...I'm a gloss girl...
However when I heard of 'Pink Friday' by MAC  and Ms. Minaj, I did not hesitate...I tried the second Friday it was available and was sad to see a message on the site saying:
 "Due to overwhelming demand, Pink 4 Friday has sold out. Come back on Friday "
This stuff sold out in minutes ! Go 'head Nicki ...You obviously have madd love out here !!!!
I'm so happy to see another successful brown face sista (and from the islands too) do her thang!
So I supported her and copped my lipstick...I'm super excited about it !
I'm not a name brand junkie at all! But I am faithful and If i like you , I support you... I'm rocking my lipstick proudly !!!!! And I may be back for more MAC lip colors, this stuff ain't so bad....This was a nice introduction to MAC likes !

Here is a quick look at my wearing my 'PinkFriday' ....I just got it in the mail today goes:

To all the brownie sisters out there . I think it's best to apply a brown/chocolate liner first and go easy on the lipstick..It's light~ but it's bright ...Adding a little gloss would be sweet too..

My favorite thing about this lipstick is : It taste and smells great ...and I LOVE PINK !

Get on the site on Friday and cop you this color...This will no longer be available after the 17th ....

Peace and Love..


  1. it looks very pretty on u hun&congrats on getting hold of it,some pple couldnt,I love pin lipsticks from Mac but this I just couldnt love it lol

    U can use pink or pale pink liner with it too

  2. Pretty! I want some, but I haven't ordered it yet... I think I may have to break down and order this bad boy! =)

  3. Congratulations on your new acquisition. It looks nice on you! :O)

  4. I looks great on you!! I often wonder how I'd look with bright lip colors. Thinking I'm a bit too old for that now, but you're rocking it nicely!

  5. Pink Friday looks lovely on your lips and it marries well with your gorgeous skin tone;-)

  6. Oh my your have pretty teeth. lipsticks looks nice. i like the second pic the best.

  7. Happy new year, sweetie. I hope all is well in your world??


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