Friday, November 18, 2011

the Acrylic Sweater Poem...FOUND IT ! Share

I fell in love with this when I heard it on the radio many moons ago...I was boy crazed then...It was the early, early 90's..Or was it the late 80's? ....Hmmm?
I remember hearing it on a the radio a few times and wondering why I loved it so much ....Little did I know that I'd grow up to be an avid knitter who knits with all fibers, including acrylic....Isnt it ironic? I thought about the song from time to time..That catchy little tune and the quirky message ....But of course I had no Google, no YouTube, no internet back then to search for it ....

Today I do ...

...So I'm sharing ...Please enjoy this vid and the cutesy -sing -songy poem...
It's too cute , I had to share ....
From one boy crazed knitter to the love ...
oh, and I don't think acrylic yarn is ALL that bad yah know!
 I buy it , I use it , I wear it  !!!! It's great for yarn bombing, baby clothes and other crafting fancies...I'M NO YARN SNOB (though I LOVE quality wool and natural fibers best) !!!

peace and love...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rebirth ....

Yesterday was 11-11-11 ...
While that means nothing to many , I do think it was a significant date ...(and my dad's b-day too)
I was blessed with a positive and powerful energy that has created a new sense of self  within...Really , things just happened , words just flowed, good vibes manifested and blessings realized...I give thanx....I will continue to approach life this way , beautifully...
I , for the first time in a very very very long time I feel peaceful , less anxious and more creative.....I grab hold of the steering wheel and venture off into the future FEARLESSLY!!!!!!!!!!!
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 ...I'm ALIVE ! The universe is embracing me as I am becoming more accepting and thinking outside the dusty old box I once stuffed my self into... Trying new things, dismissing old things, speaking new words and taking the initiative to be more responsive and less reactive...
Superstition , nah not exactly ...Spiritual alignment is a better way to classify this massive movement within me ...My soul giggles joy-fully!
11-11-11 ....For me , the essence of the #11 is the #1 ....ONE. SELF. It is so unselfish to give my self the permission to experience this journey with smiles and laughter ( even while crying)
I AM AT PEACE with all my broken pieces...No more shooting in the dark... I AM aiming to reach my greatest potential , my higher heights, becoming, blossoming into a THAT woman ...Quality woman....
No , not perfect but better.stronger.wiser than the girl I was yesterday...Can you dig  it?

The family and I spent time together praying , expressing and accessing our feelings at exactly 11:11 pm...12 candles lit up my modest kitchen as my family shared a beautiful moment together...( the 12th one for the approaching year 2012) It was nice and my 2 year old dawta even shared a song...."you are my sunshine, you make me happy when skies are gray......." . Talk about warming a mother's heart....It was great family time. ...the kind of moment that makes for lasting memories.... I know my hubby and kids were glad to be together , it's been a real challenging year for us ...But united we stand....What a great kick off to our holiday festivities.....
Today , I wish the best for you and your family..I wish that you re-align with your goals and wildest dreams and manifest the goodness in life you do deserve...Peace and love ....Soon it will be 12-12-12 ....So hold fast to today and don't allow your dreams to fade away....You and I both know how fast time is flying ...It's the little (BIG) things that slow things down a bit and allow us to breathe and just BE.
aaaaaaaaaaah , I feeeeeel gooooood ( In my James Brown voice) So good, so good , so goood...

Be brave....and DREAM wildly...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

a new season ...

Okay so , I disappeared and made a few life changes while gone.... I'm still getting comfortable with my new life and there is not always opportunity to blog about it as once before ...sigh ...

So, due to my life changes there are now blog changes to undergo ...
I am still homeschooling my teens and pursuing makeup artistry as a career. I have also started a Mary Kay business in addition to my freelance and I am back to crafting/knitting like crazy .... I have a couple more "M.U.A of the moment" articles to publish here on blogger and I will get back into the swing of blogging regularly once I have consistent Internet access ...

I am no longer using this blog for just "make-up" updates however...She does Make-up will be about much more ...I will be discussing topics from the  make-up in my kit, to the food and crafting that I "make-up" as well... I hope you enjoy the new direction this blog will take as much as I enjoy sharing ...

Please check back soon to see all the crafts I have been working on as I prepare for my next photo shoot...

 As always,
 be well . be beautiful. be You !

peace and love

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Valarie MUA Patterson, the M.U.A of the moment !!!

Let’s meet a Make-up Maverick….

She entered the beauty scene as a teenager working in a local salon in Brooklyn while still in high school.
Step by step, client by client Valerie Patterson walked in her God given authority all the way to the top, finally becoming one of Atlanta’s sought after M.U.A.

As the owner of her own beauty salon, GLAM Makeup -n- Hair Studios, and her long list of celebrity clients Valerie Patterson has set her self apart from your average make-up artist. She is serious about her faith in God, supportive of her family and is 'bout her business! She makes "making it " look so easy that I had to catch up with her to find out the secrets to her success!

How did your love for make-up start ?
"I worked in a salon in Brooklyn, doing hair after school. I never took make-up seriously . I took it for a joke. I did not know you could make money from it."

After moving to Atlanta Valerie worked under the watchful eye of her pastor’s wife who is also a celebrity make-up artist. Patterson's intense internship gave her hands-on training in the make-up field. This vital training shaped her as a professional, boosted her confidence and prepared her to go after her dreams!
" My four year internship was the hardest years of my life but I learned and it was a great experience."

"I realized I was just playing and having fun. I got serious."

What is the secret to being a successful mommy and M.U.A?
"I am blessed to be able to do what I am passionate about. I have a wonderful husband who is my backbone and  a great support system," admits the busy full time mother who has recently enlisted a nanny to help out with her daughters.
" I can't be there all the time, neither can my busy husband. You want some one who is going to be there to truly care for your kids as you would. It's important."

Please tell us about some of your gigs.
"I love working on movie sets because that brings financial stability. I love fashion shoots because I can get really creative."

Who are some memorable faces that you have made beautiful?
"I have worked with Terry McMillan, Stevie Wonder, T.I., B.O.B, Dallas Jones, Orlando Austin, Chante' Moore to name a few and I recently worked behind the scenes at the Soul Train Music Awards."

Valerie shares that her journey to success wasn't easy.
"This is a business! You gotta be humble and patient. Your dealing with many types of people and personalities. Most times, the bigger the bank account, the bigger the ego. It's not easy. I have had to walk off the set, go to my car, cry it out, suck it up then go back on the set."

Have you had any embarrassing moments, career bloopers or bad experiences that we can learn from?"The air brush machine," she sighs, then laughs.” I was so excited about my machine that I wanted to use it badly. I had a A-list client with very high standards. I wanted to impress her. Well, I didn't know I had the pressure up too high on the machine. Airbrushing makes the face look good, but it can also bring out the flaws and the face can look chalky and show every line. I was not used to it and was just learning. There was no way to camouflage the mess I made on her face; the make up was like paint. I took it all off and started from the beginning. I learned that you have to go with what you know! "

You are doing your thing! Despite the up and downs you have risen to the top and now your one of Atlanta's top make-up artist. Can you offer a few words of advise to those on the come-up ?
"Don’t' look at the now. Look to the future. It's your long term goals that will help you get through this industry."

Well beauty queens, there you have it from the make-up star herself. She has become a success in the beauty industry and continues to help pave the way for others to follow.

If you are in the Atlanta area and seeking fly hair and fly face, or you need M.U.A services for a shoot or event please get at Valerie Patterson.

You can find her at :
GLAM Makeup n Hair Studios in Tucker, GA.  or link her online through Face book .


Monday, April 18, 2011

where you at , homegirl ????

Hi there pretty people !!!
Yes, I am here and although I wont apologize for my absence (making moves yall) I will say I have missed you !!!!Shout outs to my new followers and thanks for the positive comments everybody !!!
I must say I have been UBER busy ...who isn't ? So now that a lot of the crazies have died down I feel I can get back into my bloggy groove...So here I am ...In the next few days I will hit you with another M.U.A of the moment and then we can talk make-up and hair once we get some business out the way ...
So what's new , what's popping in beauty blog land ? Recent changes in my life leave me with less time for surfing beauty blogs and such so I have a many blogs to visit and catch up on complaints there !!!!LOL..
So tell me 'What's your summer pretty plans' ?

b- blessed ......

Thursday, March 24, 2011

To donut or not to donut...

Anger is fattening …

I am eating better.

Not just trying to drink more water, not just trying to cut out sweets, not just trying to watch my portions…
I am actually doing these things….

But yesterday I got upset…I did not care about my great accomplishments in the past few days… I scoffed down two glazed donuts as I rode the bus to work. Then guzzled some hot, sweet coffee to finish the job.
What the heck triggered that after doing so well?
Truth be told, I was just having a funky day and truly found comfort in those sweet nibbles of dough.…
The question is how can I be more prepared to ignore my next temptation to taste ? Hmmm.

After giving this some more thought I’ve come up with a few tips..

1st )That little voice is whispering . LISTEN TO IT…when all else fails GO WITH GUT ! ( a.k.a your intuition)
“Don’t buy that donut!”

2nd) Have some gum, raisins, dried fruit or water to pop into your mouth. That’ll calm things down a bit.

3rd) MOVE ya tail up outta there.
Outta sight outta mind !

4th) Distraction is the next crucial step. Get ya mind out the trash quick by reading, going to the bathroom, powdering your nose, grabbing a book, text your boo, knit, etc.
try to get your mind off the food.

5th) Make some time to dig deeper. Find out what’s eating you? What’s bugging you? Often when sensitive or dealing with strong feelings we girlies find that life is just a bit sweeter when we add a chocolate bar to our day, swim in soda or binge on our favorite junk foods. The moment is perhaps more bearable with a bag of chips, but the repair will be harder no matter how good that cookie taste…

Girl, ya know it’s true !!!

Hope this helps you… and I ......

Peace and love

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A strange package lands on my door waz DAH BOMB !!!!

So I opened my door after hearing a pounding that could have only been the cops or UPS! A man in a delivery truck yelled at me saying he left a package on my door step. uhm, uh-kay... With a quick nod I leaned forward and grabbed the large package....Hmmmm, what could this be? I didn't buy any thing or did I ? hmmmmm.
Upon opening the large package I saw three shoe boxes and a card.
I felt the sting of tears as I uttered " Oh , no she didn't". I instantly remembered that about 2 weeks ago I received a message on face book from an actual friend from high school .We actually never talked after high school , some 16 years ago, and we recently found each other on FB.You know how that goes.
Well she asked me my shoe size and I told her. I thought nothing of it. End of Story ....Ha! so I thought !
Today my heart melted and my tears poured with joy. How dare her be so sweeeeet to me? LOL ...I was so humbled that I had to sit down and just revel on the beauty and generosity of people.
These shoes came at the right time. And they fit !!!!!!!!!! The girly- girl  in me slipped my feet in each one and I blushed as I thought of wearing the blingy blue pair for the hubby and hubby alone....LOL...
They are all super sexy; super over the top.

  The blue ones will be for the mister's eyes only........
                      The grey pair are sweet and the design is unique.
                            I love the camel studded bootie. My fave!
These shoes are super sturdy and super cute. The camel studded bootie will probably get the most wear as they even go with today's outfit. Honestly, it's been a while since I bought me a pair of flyyy feet because I'm trying to stay on a tight budget and livewith less these days...So this was a real surprise and a real treat for me...These heels are higher than my normal wear, but not SUPER high so they are still very wearable. I plan on rocking them over the next few weeks for sure !

I am blessed ....I am loved....I give thanks !

Have a lovely night ~

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I LOVE VAGINA DAY !!!! Dont' you ?

This V day is all about me !!!

I want to fall in love with me all over again ...

Some time we need reminders to love our self …
I’ll use 2/14/2011 as my reminder…

I don’t do Valentine’s Day ...Do the research on the history of Valentine’s Day for your self. And see why...
This is not a celebration of love…It's more a celebration of death ...Like I said , you read up on it...
If you love some one, You love them EVERYDAY, and you shower them with LOVE all the time. I don’t need the money-making-master-minds behind this " holiday" telling me what day to LOVE my man or vice versa !
Excuse me as I laugh out loud @ this commercial mess…so glad I'm grown .

Today and the next February fourteens that I get to enjoy on this Earth will be called Vagina Day !
Any one with a Vagina can celebrate V-day .This basically means to LOVE , honor and promote yourself as a WOMAN…

Many of us get depressed on days like Valentines Day, So why not Flip the script and get real happy about you ?!

Since I started noticing and liking boys over 2 decades ago , I realized too much pressure is put on men this day. So I take the pressure back. I release the men in my life from this foolishness. I already told my hubby. Please don’t kill your self to get me anything. I’m DONE ! I don’t want it …I love you !!!

He accepted this (as I’m sure he felt “ off dah hook” )yet he still managed to send me an e-card expressing his love… See what we’ve done ladies ???!!! LOL

So just how does one celebrate Vagina Day ?

Hmmm. It’s pretty easy and you can customize it for YOU !

Now this is girl talk here so NO BOYS ALLOWED !

Here is a list of girlie things to do on Vagina day:

-Get up and wash from head to toe…Take time to cleanse and pamper and look at your personal parts. (have no shame ladies)

-Get a pap smear or schedule one TODAY. When last have you had a physical…why wait? especially if it’s been a while.

-Take a moment to examine those breast. Any lumps, bumps, or could you use a nice lathering of moisturizer? Then hook "the girls" up and maybe treat your self to a new bra. Every girl needs support!

-Refrain from sabotaging and unnecessary talk. Use this as time to quiet and slow down your self. Even if your day is busy, busy, busy , you don’t need to be...

-Breathe deeply each time you sigh, curse, feel tense or stressed

-Replace a negative sentence with a positive one…catch your self. Be accountable .You are Watching !!!

-Clean your room, change the sheets, open the windows, plan your week’s wardrobe.

-Cut or shape your (toe)nails and paint them in a color that you never wore before.

-Stand naked and stare in the mirror. Who is that sexy beast looking back at you ? Are you blushing yet ?

-Look at your worst body part and let GO ! YOU are beautifully made. Every scar, tear, stretch mark is there for some reason. These blemishes tell the tale of you!

-Write a letter to your self with brutal honesty…and mail it to your self…How do you feel when you receive it back in a few days? Listen to Self.

-Rummage through that pile of clothes and RELEASE what does not work. Some one else will treasure what you can’t fit or wont wear…Give !

-Fast for a day …take a break from whatever you want. eating, smoking, sex, texting…whatever you want to fast from just pause…pause for a day.

-Pedicure, manicures, buy your self flowers, rock a new outfit, try new makeup, have a long phone call with your girl friend and laugh until you cry.

Okay hope that helps get that mind stimulated.
You see, Vagina day is not at all about sex, spending large sums of money or following the crowd. You customize your loving any way you need to, for you.
It’s unique and special and can be celebrated at home, at your desk or any where your Vagina is…
Be good to your self and Express it in words and ACTION….

You are worth it …Go on, hug your self...look in the mirror and fall in love .....

I’d love to hear what you did for V-day …
Be it Vagina or Valentine, I hope it was Awesome and I hope you end the day with smiles!

peace , love and much pum-pum power to you !!!

M.U.A of the Moment !!! The beautiful & talented Lyric

Today, we will make beautiful music with Lyric, the Jamaican Make-up Artist.
Lyric is a determined young woman with the love of God in her heart. She is a devout Christian who is very active in her church singing songs of praise. When Lyric is not painting faces she is working hard on becoming one of tomorrow's next voices of Gospel.

Lyric has taken time out to share with us today. Please keep a close eye on this M.U.A of the Moment...She is steadily rising to the top of her game !!!!

Lyric, please tell me what got you interested in make-up.
-I've always loved make-up but never took it seriously, just played around.

Did your parents give you a hard time when they saw you liked to “ paint your face” ? 
-Nope! Not one bit! Lol! They never had a problem so.... It's cool. My mom thinks I over do it .

Your work is bold, bright and beautiful and you express this in your own daily make-up. Do people have a hard time accepting you for who you are?
-I'm not accepted by alot of people. People like me usually aren't. This took a toll on my self esteem but the only person I can truly be is me, the Lyric that God created, The Lyric HE loves and accepts.

What does” beautiful “ mean to you ?
-Beauty means accepting who you are. If your not content with the YOU underneath, you’ll never feel beautiful, even if your face is “BEAT” !

Do you think your love and concept of beauty conflicts with your Christianity or belief in GOD?
-Girl! I rock rainbow eyebrows , chains and funky hair! God created this universe with ALL kinds of beauty. I'm crazy expressive! I try to be like my heavenly Father, God.

How can a woman who fears GOD, but love to look good keep from becoming vain?
-Being vain is an uncertainty of who you are. I'm still finding my self in God, but what I know so far is mind blowing. The Bible says we are fearfully and wonderfully made! WOW! Don’t get me wrong, at times I feel fat, ugly, unattractive and just..... blech! God is good!

How do you promote your business/ makeup services on the island?
-I promote using Face Book, YouTube and Word- of - Mouth

Is there much competition for you in J.A?
-Competition? Not really

Did you ever have a hard time finding products in Jamaica?
-HARD TIME!? HA! That's an understatement!!!! MOST of my stuff I get from YouTube friends, and I give God thanks for that! I can't by stuff out here without paying A HUGE amount of money. The stuff I do buy I have to save and buy, and not having a regular 9-5 jobs makes that a challenge.

When you do, where do you go to buy your products ? Do you shop online?
-Nope! Never shopped on line. I go to all sorts of places down here in Jamaica. Down Town, Half Way Tree, Clock Tower Plaza etc.

What is your absolute favorite makeup item that you NEVER leave home without?
-My oil absorbing powder

Can you offer any tips for keeping your makeup looking good in tropical climate ?
-Thank God you asked! Milk of Magnesia and Vanishing Cream works wonders for normal to oily skin and for those of us who gets oily in random areas.

How are your make-up classes going ? Do you get many participants ?
-Classes? Sigh. They're OK, but they could be better. Not alot of students at all. I'm contemplating just booking solo appointments, rather than having a "class".

What excites you most about makeup ?
-How creative I can get excites me; How flawless the application is.

How would you describe your personal, everyday look ?
-An Everyday look? LOL! Not your typical! Rainbow eyebrows, bold neutrals, bright colors.

What is one great thing you love about being a makeup artist ?
-I love being a Christian Make-up Artist because artistic Christians needs to be encouraged. Beauty is God given, and enhancing it is a God given talent.

Describe a memorable make-up moment
-I once did an entire bridal party with ONE Pressed Powder!

Where do you see your self in the next 5 years ?
-I’ll be Married, Jamaica's Top M.U.A, a successful Gospel singer, and probably living in Paris !


Well there you have it from the artist herself !
If your going to be in Jamaica or would just you'd like to see more of  Lyric's work you can do so by checking out her Blog ,YouTube page and Face Book for more details ...

peace and love

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Stepping out of this mama style...

How are you ?

I have been BUSY to the bone with these kids and life in general ! My little boys are turning into men before my eyes…and it's quite nice
Lately, Cooking and Cleaing and grooming have been their priorities in addition to their homeschool studies…These aint yah average little homies and it just feels good to see it happen before my eyes.

So I have been knee deep in mama stuff …and I confess I have fallen off on my self care regim!.

But it’s about to be FASHION WEEK so I figure I’d use this as a way to break the mama monotony !!!!
Sadly, I have not cut my cuticles or painted my nails in two weeks ! That means I have not been faithful to my “Soulful Sunday” nights that I told you about…
Two words: not good…
I am not going to be too hard on my self …But NO MORE dammit…Nobody is perfect but when you catch your self doing wrong , you make right !!! At least I do .
So that is how I'm making right ...  I enlisted a little help :

Loving these tall boots !
I can rock my skirts and my dresses and bring the Fiyah & Funk back to my winter wears during this cold season….Winter really doesn’t inspire my wardrobe much…I feel so blah and run to my jeans and sweaters with no care but to warm up. The cold just aint cute in my book…But still, no excuse !!!SMH @ me …I must maintain…Mommies must maintain !!!! So thank you tall boots, Imma rock the hell outta yall !

That lovely red bag replaced my frumpy tote bag…Yes, LOL I said tote bag (I'm a crafter yah know !!!)
I love having a LARGE bag to carry all my things…The tote carried everything so I used it everyday and it was not cute, but very functional !!!!! So after analyzing the situation, and catching a glimpse in the mirror I made a change . I decided to use my sturdy lap top bag as my carry all…FOR NOW…and it works better with all the compartments and organized sections that keeps my phone and my keys and lipgloss in reach…I hate digging down bags for my belongings...So Imma stick with this. It’s a Buxton Bag. The latest models are  sturdy, fashionable, functional …A tad pricey , but QUALITY leather and you can catch a bargain on E-bay ....I will be getting more … ….saw a flyyy pink one…and you know I love pink …

peace beauties and stay outta the mommy slump ...
I'll do the same !

Monday, January 10, 2011

Hello 2011 !!!!

Hi People !!!

So far 2011 has been a beautiful year ! How is your 2011 going? Great I hope….

I did make a few resolutions and did break a few resolutions already too !!!
However the four commitments that I have maintained and are worth mentioning are listed below:

Putting ME on the top of the to do list - Waking early EVERYDAY to a cup of tea and a hot shower is a soul soother. I love the quiet serenity that I find in abundance when my family sleeps.
Carving personal time one night a week for pampering and doing those little special things for my self is making a big difference in my life. For example, my weekly DIY manicures are something I loved as a girl and did faithfully(even became certified in nail technology many moons ago, but hated doing other peoples nails so I stopped) Now it’s a must that I take the time needed to clean my cuticles and shape and polish my nails. I’m now (more than ever before) personally committed to soul revival and pampering my whole being from soul to toe even if it’s just one night per week. Its my night and every mommy deserves it!
(So what night you gon’ choose?)

Take full control of my household - Seriously getting up earlier and getting a head start plays a major part in my having a successful day or a sucky one. So I’m up by 6 and that sets me sailing with a smile.
I am re- educating my children through homeschooling and other creative resources and feel confident that this is best for my family's future. Taking my role as mom and home manager to the next and best level is not just tiring , it's also rewarding. I’m really excited!!! I find my self daydreaming now about creating more space in my cupboards, finding text book on sale for my son’s math journey, FREE community art classes, how I’m going to tackle the laundry better and can I feed my family of six on a 60$ budget? These are some of the thoughts that matter to me the most…

Creating a home based business - I am finally joining the ranks of fellow crafty sisters every where and building a business that centers around my creativity, lifestyle and love (more to come on this )…
I’ve worked to develop a freelance make-up artist schedule that works for my family and my clients. So far I have two fashion shows booked, a mother’s day event in NY and a possible yarn braid client in the works…

Taking my writing seriously - I am dusting off the ole’ pen. When inspiration whispers in my ear I shall write. I’m working on a short story this week because inspiration has whispered yet again…

I'm Enthusiastic !
I feel it in my bones that 2011 will be great !!!

peace and love **