Monday, January 10, 2011

Hello 2011 !!!!

Hi People !!!

So far 2011 has been a beautiful year ! How is your 2011 going? Great I hope….

I did make a few resolutions and did break a few resolutions already too !!!
However the four commitments that I have maintained and are worth mentioning are listed below:

Putting ME on the top of the to do list - Waking early EVERYDAY to a cup of tea and a hot shower is a soul soother. I love the quiet serenity that I find in abundance when my family sleeps.
Carving personal time one night a week for pampering and doing those little special things for my self is making a big difference in my life. For example, my weekly DIY manicures are something I loved as a girl and did faithfully(even became certified in nail technology many moons ago, but hated doing other peoples nails so I stopped) Now it’s a must that I take the time needed to clean my cuticles and shape and polish my nails. I’m now (more than ever before) personally committed to soul revival and pampering my whole being from soul to toe even if it’s just one night per week. Its my night and every mommy deserves it!
(So what night you gon’ choose?)

Take full control of my household - Seriously getting up earlier and getting a head start plays a major part in my having a successful day or a sucky one. So I’m up by 6 and that sets me sailing with a smile.
I am re- educating my children through homeschooling and other creative resources and feel confident that this is best for my family's future. Taking my role as mom and home manager to the next and best level is not just tiring , it's also rewarding. I’m really excited!!! I find my self daydreaming now about creating more space in my cupboards, finding text book on sale for my son’s math journey, FREE community art classes, how I’m going to tackle the laundry better and can I feed my family of six on a 60$ budget? These are some of the thoughts that matter to me the most…

Creating a home based business - I am finally joining the ranks of fellow crafty sisters every where and building a business that centers around my creativity, lifestyle and love (more to come on this )…
I’ve worked to develop a freelance make-up artist schedule that works for my family and my clients. So far I have two fashion shows booked, a mother’s day event in NY and a possible yarn braid client in the works…

Taking my writing seriously - I am dusting off the ole’ pen. When inspiration whispers in my ear I shall write. I’m working on a short story this week because inspiration has whispered yet again…

I'm Enthusiastic !
I feel it in my bones that 2011 will be great !!!

peace and love **


  1. You're off to a good start. You're always inspiring me. I know you'll accomplish this and much more this year!

  2. Ladybean , right back at you girl ,Im watching you !!!! Your such a great support ALWAYS ! thank you !

  3. great resolutions my dear,Happy new year and all e best of love,peace,joy,success&good health for this year

  4. about pink lips lol I love love pink lips dear,90% of my lip collection is Pink... I said I just couldnt love Pink Friday after seeing swatches as I thought it was too pale for me. Thanx for lovely comments&support

  5. Excellent! I'm inspired to wake up earlier too - thank you.


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