Sunday, February 13, 2011

I LOVE VAGINA DAY !!!! Dont' you ?

This V day is all about me !!!

I want to fall in love with me all over again ...

Some time we need reminders to love our self …
I’ll use 2/14/2011 as my reminder…

I don’t do Valentine’s Day ...Do the research on the history of Valentine’s Day for your self. And see why...
This is not a celebration of love…It's more a celebration of death ...Like I said , you read up on it...
If you love some one, You love them EVERYDAY, and you shower them with LOVE all the time. I don’t need the money-making-master-minds behind this " holiday" telling me what day to LOVE my man or vice versa !
Excuse me as I laugh out loud @ this commercial mess…so glad I'm grown .

Today and the next February fourteens that I get to enjoy on this Earth will be called Vagina Day !
Any one with a Vagina can celebrate V-day .This basically means to LOVE , honor and promote yourself as a WOMAN…

Many of us get depressed on days like Valentines Day, So why not Flip the script and get real happy about you ?!

Since I started noticing and liking boys over 2 decades ago , I realized too much pressure is put on men this day. So I take the pressure back. I release the men in my life from this foolishness. I already told my hubby. Please don’t kill your self to get me anything. I’m DONE ! I don’t want it …I love you !!!

He accepted this (as I’m sure he felt “ off dah hook” )yet he still managed to send me an e-card expressing his love… See what we’ve done ladies ???!!! LOL

So just how does one celebrate Vagina Day ?

Hmmm. It’s pretty easy and you can customize it for YOU !

Now this is girl talk here so NO BOYS ALLOWED !

Here is a list of girlie things to do on Vagina day:

-Get up and wash from head to toe…Take time to cleanse and pamper and look at your personal parts. (have no shame ladies)

-Get a pap smear or schedule one TODAY. When last have you had a physical…why wait? especially if it’s been a while.

-Take a moment to examine those breast. Any lumps, bumps, or could you use a nice lathering of moisturizer? Then hook "the girls" up and maybe treat your self to a new bra. Every girl needs support!

-Refrain from sabotaging and unnecessary talk. Use this as time to quiet and slow down your self. Even if your day is busy, busy, busy , you don’t need to be...

-Breathe deeply each time you sigh, curse, feel tense or stressed

-Replace a negative sentence with a positive one…catch your self. Be accountable .You are Watching !!!

-Clean your room, change the sheets, open the windows, plan your week’s wardrobe.

-Cut or shape your (toe)nails and paint them in a color that you never wore before.

-Stand naked and stare in the mirror. Who is that sexy beast looking back at you ? Are you blushing yet ?

-Look at your worst body part and let GO ! YOU are beautifully made. Every scar, tear, stretch mark is there for some reason. These blemishes tell the tale of you!

-Write a letter to your self with brutal honesty…and mail it to your self…How do you feel when you receive it back in a few days? Listen to Self.

-Rummage through that pile of clothes and RELEASE what does not work. Some one else will treasure what you can’t fit or wont wear…Give !

-Fast for a day …take a break from whatever you want. eating, smoking, sex, texting…whatever you want to fast from just pause…pause for a day.

-Pedicure, manicures, buy your self flowers, rock a new outfit, try new makeup, have a long phone call with your girl friend and laugh until you cry.

Okay hope that helps get that mind stimulated.
You see, Vagina day is not at all about sex, spending large sums of money or following the crowd. You customize your loving any way you need to, for you.
It’s unique and special and can be celebrated at home, at your desk or any where your Vagina is…
Be good to your self and Express it in words and ACTION….

You are worth it …Go on, hug your self...look in the mirror and fall in love .....

I’d love to hear what you did for V-day …
Be it Vagina or Valentine, I hope it was Awesome and I hope you end the day with smiles!

peace , love and much pum-pum power to you !!!

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  1. omg gal I never laughed so hard u r too hard. I agree w u on loving ur man everyday lol nothn 2special abt this Valentines coz I love hubby everyday. Im liking e sound of Vagina day haha,way more fun than stressing about what2do on Valentines


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