Sunday, February 13, 2011

M.U.A of the Moment !!! The beautiful & talented Lyric

Today, we will make beautiful music with Lyric, the Jamaican Make-up Artist.
Lyric is a determined young woman with the love of God in her heart. She is a devout Christian who is very active in her church singing songs of praise. When Lyric is not painting faces she is working hard on becoming one of tomorrow's next voices of Gospel.

Lyric has taken time out to share with us today. Please keep a close eye on this M.U.A of the Moment...She is steadily rising to the top of her game !!!!

Lyric, please tell me what got you interested in make-up.
-I've always loved make-up but never took it seriously, just played around.

Did your parents give you a hard time when they saw you liked to “ paint your face” ? 
-Nope! Not one bit! Lol! They never had a problem so.... It's cool. My mom thinks I over do it .

Your work is bold, bright and beautiful and you express this in your own daily make-up. Do people have a hard time accepting you for who you are?
-I'm not accepted by alot of people. People like me usually aren't. This took a toll on my self esteem but the only person I can truly be is me, the Lyric that God created, The Lyric HE loves and accepts.

What does” beautiful “ mean to you ?
-Beauty means accepting who you are. If your not content with the YOU underneath, you’ll never feel beautiful, even if your face is “BEAT” !

Do you think your love and concept of beauty conflicts with your Christianity or belief in GOD?
-Girl! I rock rainbow eyebrows , chains and funky hair! God created this universe with ALL kinds of beauty. I'm crazy expressive! I try to be like my heavenly Father, God.

How can a woman who fears GOD, but love to look good keep from becoming vain?
-Being vain is an uncertainty of who you are. I'm still finding my self in God, but what I know so far is mind blowing. The Bible says we are fearfully and wonderfully made! WOW! Don’t get me wrong, at times I feel fat, ugly, unattractive and just..... blech! God is good!

How do you promote your business/ makeup services on the island?
-I promote using Face Book, YouTube and Word- of - Mouth

Is there much competition for you in J.A?
-Competition? Not really

Did you ever have a hard time finding products in Jamaica?
-HARD TIME!? HA! That's an understatement!!!! MOST of my stuff I get from YouTube friends, and I give God thanks for that! I can't by stuff out here without paying A HUGE amount of money. The stuff I do buy I have to save and buy, and not having a regular 9-5 jobs makes that a challenge.

When you do, where do you go to buy your products ? Do you shop online?
-Nope! Never shopped on line. I go to all sorts of places down here in Jamaica. Down Town, Half Way Tree, Clock Tower Plaza etc.

What is your absolute favorite makeup item that you NEVER leave home without?
-My oil absorbing powder

Can you offer any tips for keeping your makeup looking good in tropical climate ?
-Thank God you asked! Milk of Magnesia and Vanishing Cream works wonders for normal to oily skin and for those of us who gets oily in random areas.

How are your make-up classes going ? Do you get many participants ?
-Classes? Sigh. They're OK, but they could be better. Not alot of students at all. I'm contemplating just booking solo appointments, rather than having a "class".

What excites you most about makeup ?
-How creative I can get excites me; How flawless the application is.

How would you describe your personal, everyday look ?
-An Everyday look? LOL! Not your typical! Rainbow eyebrows, bold neutrals, bright colors.

What is one great thing you love about being a makeup artist ?
-I love being a Christian Make-up Artist because artistic Christians needs to be encouraged. Beauty is God given, and enhancing it is a God given talent.

Describe a memorable make-up moment
-I once did an entire bridal party with ONE Pressed Powder!

Where do you see your self in the next 5 years ?
-I’ll be Married, Jamaica's Top M.U.A, a successful Gospel singer, and probably living in Paris !


Well there you have it from the artist herself !
If your going to be in Jamaica or would just you'd like to see more of  Lyric's work you can do so by checking out her Blog ,YouTube page and Face Book for more details ...

peace and love


  1. I love Lyric! She has such a beautiful spirit! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Excellent interview, a humble beautiful woman, that is going to continue to impact the world in a dynamic way. Her creativity is beyond what you would expect and she continues to wow us always here in Jamaica. Her church, her friends, her family...we all love, respect and look forward to all that God will do with her. Definitely a beautiful spirit :-)


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