Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Stepping out of this mama slump...in style...

How are you ?

I have been BUSY to the bone with these kids and life in general ! My little boys are turning into men before my eyes…and it's quite nice
Lately, Cooking and Cleaing and grooming have been their priorities in addition to their homeschool studies…These aint yah average little homies and it just feels good to see it happen before my eyes.

So I have been knee deep in mama stuff …and I confess I have fallen off on my self care regim!.

But it’s about to be FASHION WEEK so I figure I’d use this as a way to break the mama monotony !!!!
Sadly, I have not cut my cuticles or painted my nails in two weeks ! That means I have not been faithful to my “Soulful Sunday” nights that I told you about…
Two words: not good…
I am not going to be too hard on my self …But NO MORE dammit…Nobody is perfect but when you catch your self doing wrong , you make right !!! At least I do .
So that is how I'm making right ...  I enlisted a little help :

Loving these tall boots !
I can rock my skirts and my dresses and bring the Fiyah & Funk back to my winter wears during this cold season….Winter really doesn’t inspire my wardrobe much…I feel so blah and run to my jeans and sweaters with no care but to warm up. The cold just aint cute in my book…But still, no excuse !!!SMH @ me …I must maintain…Mommies must maintain !!!! So thank you tall boots, Imma rock the hell outta yall !

That lovely red bag replaced my frumpy tote bag…Yes, LOL I said tote bag (I'm a crafter yah know !!!)
I love having a LARGE bag to carry all my things…The tote carried everything so I used it everyday and it was not cute, but very functional !!!!! So after analyzing the situation, and catching a glimpse in the mirror I made a change . I decided to use my sturdy lap top bag as my carry all…FOR NOW…and it works better with all the compartments and organized sections that keeps my phone and my keys and lipgloss in reach…I hate digging down bags for my belongings...So Imma stick with this. It’s a Buxton Bag. The latest models are  sturdy, fashionable, functional …A tad pricey , but QUALITY leather and you can catch a bargain on E-bay ....I will be getting more … ….saw a flyyy pink one…and you know I love pink …

peace beauties and stay outta the mommy slump ...
I'll do the same !

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