Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A strange package lands on my door waz DAH BOMB !!!!

So I opened my door after hearing a pounding that could have only been the cops or UPS! A man in a delivery truck yelled at me saying he left a package on my door step. uhm, uh-kay... With a quick nod I leaned forward and grabbed the large package....Hmmmm, what could this be? I didn't buy any thing or did I ? hmmmmm.
Upon opening the large package I saw three shoe boxes and a card.
I felt the sting of tears as I uttered " Oh , no she didn't". I instantly remembered that about 2 weeks ago I received a message on face book from an actual friend from high school .We actually never talked after high school , some 16 years ago, and we recently found each other on FB.You know how that goes.
Well she asked me my shoe size and I told her. I thought nothing of it. End of Story ....Ha! so I thought !
Today my heart melted and my tears poured with joy. How dare her be so sweeeeet to me? LOL ...I was so humbled that I had to sit down and just revel on the beauty and generosity of people.
These shoes came at the right time. And they fit !!!!!!!!!! The girly- girl  in me slipped my feet in each one and I blushed as I thought of wearing the blingy blue pair for the hubby and hubby alone....LOL...
They are all super sexy; super over the top.

  The blue ones will be for the mister's eyes only........
                      The grey pair are sweet and the design is unique.
                            I love the camel studded bootie. My fave!
These shoes are super sturdy and super cute. The camel studded bootie will probably get the most wear as they even go with today's outfit. Honestly, it's been a while since I bought me a pair of flyyy feet because I'm trying to stay on a tight budget and livewith less these days...So this was a real surprise and a real treat for me...These heels are higher than my normal wear, but not SUPER high so they are still very wearable. I plan on rocking them over the next few weeks for sure !

I am blessed ....I am loved....I give thanks !

Have a lovely night ~


  1. Oh I love new shoes! I like the blue ones the most. I wish I could wear heels more but since I messed up my ankle years ago(twice!) I can only go but so high. Sigh.. Enjoy the shoes! :)

  2. thus very thoughtful of ur friend. Loove all the shoes they r all gorgeous&different in their own way. I was LMAO abt e blue one only for hubby hehe Im sure he will be smiling ear to ear.

    Enjoy ur new shoes hun&pliz do OOTD with them

  3. YAY! I love getting shoes in the mail :) I really like the title of this post...too funny!

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  4. @ dee thank you for your compliments !!!
    @ Lady Bean , sorry to hear it , but i understand ...i just feel safer in low shoes i will wear , but def. not everyday !!! funny you like the blue ones best !
    Sher, I promise OOTD pics for sure babe !

  5. GASP! Fiyah! :O) Thanks for sharing.


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