Thursday, March 24, 2011

To donut or not to donut...

Anger is fattening …

I am eating better.

Not just trying to drink more water, not just trying to cut out sweets, not just trying to watch my portions…
I am actually doing these things….

But yesterday I got upset…I did not care about my great accomplishments in the past few days… I scoffed down two glazed donuts as I rode the bus to work. Then guzzled some hot, sweet coffee to finish the job.
What the heck triggered that after doing so well?
Truth be told, I was just having a funky day and truly found comfort in those sweet nibbles of dough.…
The question is how can I be more prepared to ignore my next temptation to taste ? Hmmm.

After giving this some more thought I’ve come up with a few tips..

1st )That little voice is whispering . LISTEN TO IT…when all else fails GO WITH GUT ! ( a.k.a your intuition)
“Don’t buy that donut!”

2nd) Have some gum, raisins, dried fruit or water to pop into your mouth. That’ll calm things down a bit.

3rd) MOVE ya tail up outta there.
Outta sight outta mind !

4th) Distraction is the next crucial step. Get ya mind out the trash quick by reading, going to the bathroom, powdering your nose, grabbing a book, text your boo, knit, etc.
try to get your mind off the food.

5th) Make some time to dig deeper. Find out what’s eating you? What’s bugging you? Often when sensitive or dealing with strong feelings we girlies find that life is just a bit sweeter when we add a chocolate bar to our day, swim in soda or binge on our favorite junk foods. The moment is perhaps more bearable with a bag of chips, but the repair will be harder no matter how good that cookie taste…

Girl, ya know it’s true !!!

Hope this helps you… and I ......

Peace and love