Monday, April 18, 2011

where you at , homegirl ????

Hi there pretty people !!!
Yes, I am here and although I wont apologize for my absence (making moves yall) I will say I have missed you !!!!Shout outs to my new followers and thanks for the positive comments everybody !!!
I must say I have been UBER busy ...who isn't ? So now that a lot of the crazies have died down I feel I can get back into my bloggy groove...So here I am ...In the next few days I will hit you with another M.U.A of the moment and then we can talk make-up and hair once we get some business out the way ...
So what's new , what's popping in beauty blog land ? Recent changes in my life leave me with less time for surfing beauty blogs and such so I have a many blogs to visit and catch up on complaints there !!!!LOL..
So tell me 'What's your summer pretty plans' ?

b- blessed ......