Saturday, February 11, 2012

social media diet...

As I get ready to invest money into yarn, camera and a good blender, I take a serious look at my other investments as well and realize I need to unplug from fb for a while, at least a few weeks until I get my self professionally propped as I want to be. Dig me ? I, like many others, spend too much time on said social network, looking ,commenting, statusing and posting and it is more time consuming than I'd like to admit  AND it takes away from my valuable crafting time...I'll be spending more time here with my blog and working HARD to bring my vision of Goddess, family and business to light. In due time I'll return to my favorite social networking site with a few great accomplishments under my belt. This is my 2nd  FB diet...My 1st was successful and I anticipate much personal growth during this current absence as well.
Moving forward ~I am in the market for a new camera so bear with me , I know blogs with no pics are less than fun ! I will change that.

Thank you for your continued patience and love
 ps. the blender I'm investing in is for making up some green smoothies....I'm changing how I eat and am open to suggestions for green smoothies !

Be ever beautiful

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