Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bloggin' bout Beauty !

Beauty Blogging is fun, informative, creative, inspirational, social and so so so savvy !!!!!
I am Nasheikah Bennett- Aquart, (Mrs. N.B.A) a certified make-up artist with a love for crafting, a passion for fashion and an appreciation for creative creation. I am painting the world with confidence, encouraging and enhancing beauty in all things, living, giving and letting. I have created this beauty blog to show my work, network, encourage other MUA(make-up artist) and communicate my "going ons" on a consistent basis.

I love to hear from readers and I am honored by followers. If you like what you see, have make-up needs, or looking to network or hire please contact me !!!

Thank you for stopping by , Do come again !!!!

ps: it's morning so as you smear on your glam and prepare for your day, don't forget to smile and sprinkle a coating of CHEER and positive vibes as a finishing touch. Remember , a little goes a long way!



  1. I'm looking forward to following you and getting those make-up tips Mrs. NBA. It's great that you're doing this. Just don't forget the little people when you go Hollywood :)

  2. Ms.JKerr thank you very much for shouting out a sistah ! your the best ! looking forward to doing a shoot or two with you !
    peace and luv


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