Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Making Mua Moves

I’m alive and will survive!!!

Hey beauties!

I have been moving and am finally getting settled into my new place …I’m tired and I look it! I am in need of a serious new look and pampering!!!! I don’t know what it will be, but it will definitely involve eyebrow wax, Nail polish and some hair from the hair store …LOL …I really need a grown and sexy look and am tired of being asked for my ID and if my kids are really my kids …!!! (Although, that is a real compliment in my book) Today hubby called me “big hair” …What is that supposes to mean? I think my afro is boring him now …me too though …Ugh!

So I will take some timeout for me and get ta fixing!!!and I will need to pray on this cause I have a tendency to feel guilty when I go to others to pamper me …But hey I do it to others all the time, so it’s my turn…I can let that guilt trip go …and I need it ..So that is this week-end’s plan …

                                              Now get EXCITED

 I will be on the back stage team doing make up in a local fashion show!!!! If you are in Bpt and in the industry this is a great opportunity for networking and meet and greet…My goal is to get another booking and tons of business cards for potential bookings out of the event. I am totally looking forward to working some MUA magic and getting more pics in my port…

So tell me what you have been doing? And did u try my Lemon-aide scrub yet? I've gotten a few good reviews so far ! Yaaaay !

Well….it’s time to wash my face, give thanx for the day and try again!!!


Have a nice night!


  1. Yes It's time to pamper YOU! looking forward to a snapshot of the new you, whatever you decide.

  2. I know the nu du will be fiyah. Can't wait to see the pic Goddess.

    Speaking of pampering, a Girls Day Spa should be planned before we get entrenched with the running around with our kids and school commitments. Spa could include exercising, sauna, hot/cold continuous dips w/pool and hot tub, deep body scrub with sea salt, facial, live food lunch, and maybe catch a flick. That sounds REALLY nice right about now.


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