Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My reality getting closer to my dreams....

Peace family.
Many things have happened , many things have changed . I have evolved and I am liking where I am at the moment. I feel free from most stresses and happy to be with family and home full time. I am no longer seeking to earn a place in the make-up industry. I think that was just me transitioning into an artist and feeling comfortable with calling myself that...I do love the art of pretty face making , but I am not as passionate as I thought i was .
I really don't like all the ingredients in most cosmetics and that has always been an issue for me , especially as I don't eat animals I don't want to wear animal grease on my face. I do still apply my liner and lipgloss but I am not one of those ladies who can't go get gas without
my " face " on....that's crazy.

What I am doing is creating my brand . Learning the ins and outs of Etsy and online retail and KMAO , knitting my ass off...Real simple. Once i put my heart and soul into my craft the ideas pour and pour and I am wondering if God could grant me six more arms...but then i'd be a spider , huh ...

Still I'm content and high from getting a few bow orders already. I got my first paypal payment and I'm like
" Dat's wats up ! " So Encouraged and inspired I move these fingers and create things....

Be blessed and be inspired !

one love

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