Monday, June 21, 2010

Do u remember your first time ?

My son inspired the theme of my first photo shoot. He has been picking the loveliest flowers for me each day after school. Of course I scolded him about taking roses and such from the neighbor’s house, but I do still think that his intentions were good and it was sweet of him. Any ways I wore his flowers in my hair on Wed. as part of my no quit outfit (I’ll explain on Wed.) and it really boosted my natural look. I always feel ultra pretty with a flower in my hair, who doesn’t? So the idea to incorporate flowers into the shoot was born.

Needless to say the shoot was total FUN! I loved working on Kerri’s face which is smooth and clear and easy to work with. She was patient as I applied, blended, touched, and painted colors on her. She is a natural beauty and so humble. I really see a future for her in modeling although she just laughs when I say that…oooh Kerri! Big hugs to you for helping me with this shoot!

The best part of the shoot for me was I was in my element. I know this is where I want to be right now...behind the scenes painting faces and making others look the part....I loved styling my model from head to toe...It was like dressing a doll ...
I was dressed comfortably and feeling free. I, for one, had very little make-up on, but that did not matter much to me(although next time, a little gloss, a line on the eyes and mascara wont hurt) I got lost in my work; loving each blissful moment…I can’t wait to do this again! Next Saturday meet with my next model...

Smiles   :)

Flower Power theme..

I was fortunate to work with a close friend on this one! A dream job isn’t it, to work with your homies? I just love Jeffrine’s ease behind the camera. She and I have worked together on several projects over the years and have great girlfriends and cheerleaders for one another. She worked this shoot! I am excited to see the pics and pick the perfect one for my look book.

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