Sunday, June 27, 2010

Colored Girls and Palettes...

Coastal scents got me loving COLOR!
I love being a make-up artist because the only color that I stress my self over is make-up pigments! I like working with all skin colors and complexions and nationalities! You can learn a lot from each face; each race...But I do love linking and connecting with other women of color in this industry ,communicating ,networking and learning more and more about the ethnic skin (I'm in) ...I love YouTube for that! Such a blessing to see my beautiful black sistahs dewing it online ...Go us !

Here is my latest addition to my beauty case:

Now this one I ordered from Ebay , but It does not look like this ....the pots are square.....So the seller musta jerked me

                                                             ( insert cuss word here)

In the future, I probably wont be buying any more beauty products from Ebay. I just can't trust my money to evil oversea merchants who will ship me some thing totally different from what you actually ordered and payed for...Must admit the palette I got instead did have nice colors and also included a few blushes too but it is not what i ordered...making do, though ...
I'll live and let go ...lesson learned ...

be a beauty inside and out
Have a great evening !


  1. i love color too! i enjoy diff people of diff ethnicities doing makeup as well. thanks for sharing sis

  2. i love color & experimenting w/make-up! great blog..come follow me


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