Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Have you ever been in love?

I believe in love at first sight….
That is how I met my husband and how I met Lolita....
You see,
I was walking out of the fragrance store when my eyes caught hold of the Lolita Lempicka bottle…
The bottle is so attractive and enchanting that I walked back to the register to inquire. I was immediately mesmerized by the aroma. I spritz my wrist and threw the scented tester paper strip into my purse. The lovely scent caught me by surprise because I was not shopping for myself. I only went to buy my husband a new fragrance (what I thought would be a nice anniversary gift) and was lured to my new fragrance.
Well ladies the scent mixed well with my body chemistry and the sweet halo of fragrance danced about my head and flirted with me the entire evening. I could not stop thinking of it. I’m sold. Totally.
I’ll be getting this little love in the next two weeks… If you get the opportunity to try this sweet luxurious fragrance out, do so. It’s romance in a bottle …
Now in regards to hubby, He hated the cologne I chose. It was The One by Dolce & Gabbana. Fancy, huh? Well he didn’t even open the bottle to take a whiff, just smiled (because I’m so dang sweet) and asked that I return it saying he needed a filter for his car, if anything…He also confessed that he HATES fragrances. He stated that he has gotten sensitive to certain scents over the years and that he would only wear it because I wanted him to. He wears occasional oil, but is most happy with out any scents.
Can we all say: BUMMER!
However, I will certainly respect his wishes and will not FORCE him to wear what he does not wish too… I admit I get weak in the knees when I smell a well fragranced man. I love a sexy, masculine scent. But truth be told, I was thinking of my own carnal desires when I went fragrance hunting and not his REAL needs at all…It is the thought that counts and I guess I just didn’t think on it enough…lesson learned ….
whomp ,whomp, whomp….. I didn’t allow my disappointment to linger too long. I reminded my self of the old saying ‘if you can’t change some thing then change your attitude about it ….and I did…We ended up celebrating the day together, going to our old spot from our high school days, running errands, working out and swimming. We were kid free and grateful to spend time quality together….scent free and HAPPY!  
So Whoop Dere it Iz. After 16 years I’m still learning about this man…Whoever said marriage is boring LIED or didn’t try hard enough!
At the end of it all, I’m pretty convinced that God set me up and wanted me to learn more about the man I LOVE and to finally find MY signature fragrance~ Lolita Lempicka….. I returned the rejected Dolce & Gabbana and spritz a little more Lempicka before I picked him up from work yesterday….To my surprise he open the car door and said “Hmmmm, that smells spiffy!”  I smiled, not quite sure what to make of his this point it doesn't matter...I know he will respect the fact that I like it even if he hates it and vice versa .It's smooth sailing so long as i dont wear a trace of it to bed. LOL. I can live with that request ...


  1. That is such a cute story. Congrats on your annivessary. My hubby and I just celebrated our 5th year

  2. what a great post..loved it I have always bought fragrances for my hubby until he found his signature one by Jean Paul Gaultier,love love it he has to hide it from me though coz I love e scent too much,its irresistible my signature one is Miss Dior Cherie he got it for me first and it has become my fave..Wow 16yrs is a long time hun,congrats gal am really happy4u. Wish u many more happy married years with ur hubby,tk cre&May God bless u

  3. I too love the Lolita Lempicka fragrance! Get compliments on it all the time;)
    That is such a lovely story about the gift for your husband... I so agree "if you can't change it change your attitude about it" perfect!
    Much success on many, many glorious years to come in your marriage!

    Lots of love


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