Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I’m not ashamed to PAYLESS!

Listen ,

Every one knows I try to be as frugal as possible. To the point where I have been guilty of being just plain old cheap and miserly.
That has changed thankfully, but I will still refuse to spend a whole heap of money on trends. I will not spend 100$ for something I can spend $40 on or can find in great condition at a thrift store for even less and get the same effect and feel …Roger dat ? So when I decided to check out my local PAYLESS I was pleased with their line up and the whole BONGO sale (buy one get one ½) wasn’t bad either. I bought a shoe, wore it and returned because it was too painful on my toes and my foot arch….Upon my return I got store credit and replaced them with a cute pair of booties. I also walked away with a sexy hand bag (it was already marked down, then topped with the BONGO discount) for little under $3.50.

 Here is some purse porn for my Bag Ladies !
                                            goes great with my jacket !

                         loving the print , I am going to do an eye look just like this !

It is spacious enough for my things ....No Essentials left behind ! 
                          Loving the depth of the this bag ...very roomy
                                    Oh there goes the earrings and the lip gloss i was looking for !

Metallic Shimmer, I'm a rock starr !

                             I was happy to find a comfy fitting yet sexy, work- ready bootie.

                                                                  take a peek :

I am not going to hurt my feet now and later on in life be stuck with bad feet and a sore back and then have to wear these :
                                                             LOL ....riiiight ? NOT riiiight !                  

So there is a limit to my heel height and I am careful to make sure I am comfortable ... uncomfortable is unsexy and those 5" stiletto wearing Barbies out there will pay big in the end...I don't really believe the hype that beauty requires pain ! So girls, if you have a pair of shoes that makes you lose circulation in your big toe or have your bunion throbbing, it's time to toss 'em ...Don't even donate them to the Goodwill , cause you'll be giving another chic the same issues...Each one teach one ...

Trust me, I tried shoes on and walked up and down the aisle to make sure I found something my feet could withstand. I’m sure I pissed off the sales girl with my antics. The bag was impulse buy yes, but hey, it’s a nice sized bag for the price of a large cup of coffee so I’m not mad about it! Go me !!!!(happy dancing)

Have you found any great finds lately that make you do the happy dance? Do tell.

With the fall here and in full effect we are all changing up our wardrobes a bit and transitioning for the colder weather. I hate the cold , but love chunky knits and scarves and I'm a sucker for fleece! I even thinking about getting a Snuggie...LOL...

I found a great vid that was a powerful reminder as to just what my fall wardrobe was lacking …
take a peak .....

Hope this helps you too …
Peace and Love!


  1. That back is ca-ute! & the booties are sharp as well.

    I shop @ Payless also. My goal is mostly comfort. I have drawn the line re: rocking a heel that is too high. I work hard to make sure the shoe has plenty of box room for my toes. I don't want to be hobbled later just for the sake of some stilettos! I feel ya!

    Love chunky knits and funky boots girl.

    Awesome post.
    Cking out the video now.

  2. LOL
    Love the roomy purse! So my thing ;)
    And I shop & Payless too... never sleep on a bargain!
    LOVE your sense of humor :-D


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