Monday, May 17, 2010

A new day …

Today I was determined to be on point. on top ! I gave my self a little pep talk, last night before bed and reminded my self upon waking…TODAY WILL BE A GOOD DAY !

And it was !

As the morning moved forward I was able to wash and dress and apply my make-up before my baby let out her war-cries…( by the way..I'm loving loving loving my B.E mineral make-up) I was able to get my sons to eat their oatmeal with out any kitchen table drama. The ole ‘hubby surprised me when he told me he took the day off from work.He was available to offer random kisses and hugs….(oh and yes, the Buxom B.E. lip glosses does transfer the menthol tingle during kissing, hubby allowed me to utilize him as my case study!) My eldest ( home-schooler) worked independently upon his rise and gave no protest when it was time for study and chores. ( Amen )

My daughter was well behaved, except upon checkout at the grocery store where she no longer could contain her growing hunger and demanded the strawberries!

I am looking forward to another great day tomorrow. Can’t wait cause I will be getting a fresh cornrow hairdo ! Now if that’s not a start to a great day , then tell me what is !


  1. I could think of another start to a great day, but this is a family blog. ;) Hee. Seriously though, I love it when a day goes really well. Not just, 'uneventful', but when things planned just fall into place. It seems so rare on a Monday, a day most people begrudge. Have a blessed Tuesday, as well.

  2. yea, there are some great ways to start the day ! and end the day too..winkz !

  3. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog :) You have a cute blog too and I'm now following ;)


  4. Lovin' the blog, darling! Keep up the great work!!


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