Thursday, November 11, 2010

I am a GOAL keeper with a tendency to dream BIG !

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Lately there has been ALOT going on!

This is not a post about guilt however. I know I have been away more than I'd like to admit …Yet, I don’t feel bad and will not apologize because LIFE is happening! That's a good thing ....I won’t make it a habit of disappearing though because I love conversing with you all!

I have been knitting and homeschooling and staying focused on my kids…I am enjoying the process and learning my lessons. With every choice there is a reward or a consequence...
I'm choosing the route to REWARDS !
Every thing is NOT perfect, but I’d probably be bored if it was...
I have been trying to stay FOCUSED on my goals as well …. I get sidetracked easily!!! And everything is just not meshing the way I like.
I have stepped back and am looking inside, pinpointing my issue….
Hmmmm…Being proactive is the best medicine….

*Remember on 10/10/10 when I said that it was a special day and I was personally challenging my self to 90 days of positive action to change my life?

I went back to reflect on the questions I asked my self that day. WTF do I want? It is important to do personal check in with your self to ensure you are living the life you want to be living and if not then you must make the necessary changes. This is easier said than done. But it CAN BE done. It may require you taking baby steps…but steps none the less…

So I’m reflecting … Re-analyzing and Refining my self …
So far here is what I have come up with:

I want to home school all my kids…They are doing better and we have all gotten closer since I started with the teens.

I have a love hate relationship with corporate America. After 11 years I want out! I feel trapped behind my desk…I'M LEAVING !

I want to create a successful makeup business and pursue yarn crafting full time…

Opening an Etsy shop, selling goods on EBay and writing/selling books on the side sounds like the good life.

I want to live a creative life and learn to live HAPPILY on less, until I can make more.

I want land. Green and fertile. My own back yard with a rose bush and an herb garden

Renting is not the bomb! Home ownership is where it’s at!

I need a room all of my own….for crafting, make-up, writing and anything else I choose!!! A room with a lock!!!

My kids need more space and Hubby needs a place to clank around his tools and keep messy “man stuffs”

I am ME! I am not so into heels ladies, wearing them everyday would kill me…It’s just not for me! I like flats and “man shoes”, like oxfords…’s just so...( random , i know)

I like make-up and dresses and (not sooo trendy) vintage fashions that express who I am.

I love my natural hair and will continue to honor and love the tresses on my head….I am learning to care for it and will GROW my poof like wild flowers!

I will become the hairdresser that I never had for my daughter and my sons and hubby too...

I will grow spiritually! Representing for the divine mothers and daughters who came before me and leave beauty and more divinity for those coming after.


So in short I will focus my energy on:

Moving into a better home!!!!!!!!

Doing make-up artistry full time (in store or freelance)

Create my own line of knit accessories and T shirt apparel

Writing and Blogging

Spirituality and Honoring Self

As you can see I am gearing the mind, body and soul for 2011!!!

No time like the present to treat life like a PRESENT!

I AM!!!!!

Beauty is being the best of who you are!

Thank you for taking the time to see what I am working on!

Now tell me, what’s in the works for you?

2011 is knock, knock, knocking ….

Peace and love beautiful


  1. As they say, speak/write your wants into existence. You will attain all of this in abundance and I'll be there to celebrate with you with a glass of plum wine my friend.


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